Playboy's fragrance trends for 2024

The fragrance industry is shaking things up this year in the most delightful way. From retro revivals to mindful aromas that’ll make you go ‘ahh’, there’s something for everyone.

Fragrance trends for 2024
Fragrance trends for 2024 | Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review

Celebrating individuality is at the heart of fragrance trends in 2024. People are seeking scents that not only smell good but also reflect their unique personality and values. Zaweer Ebrahim, brand manager at Playboy, shares five fragrance trends for the year.

Unisex fragrances

In 2024, the perfume world is evolving. Instead of sticking to traditional ideas of scents for men or women, there’s a rising trend towards fragrances that appeal to a broader audience. It’s all about creating fragrances that break free from old stereotypes, and letting individuals express themselves freely.


Sustainability continues to play a leading role in the world of perfume. Eco-friendly perfumes are the new kids on the block. Consumers are leading the charge on this as they are looking for brands that use sustainable ingredients, packaging that you can recycle, and that don’t test on animals. Like many industries, perfume has become about more than just the scent —it’s also about doing the right thing for the environment.

Revolutionising fragrance

In a move that’s shaking up the fragrance industry, brands are starting to incorporate the power of artificial intelligence to redefine personalised fragrance experiences. By analysing individual preferences, lifestyle, and even mood, AI algorithms create bespoke scents that resonate with personal identity, giving consumers the ability to customise their fragrance experience. From fragrance to fashion, cars to cosmetics, the integration of AI is revolutionising how consumers interact with products. It’s like having your own personal genie, granting your every wish – well, almost.

Retro scents

Retro scents Get ready for a blast from the past in 2024 as retro fragrances make a major comeback. With classic floral bouquets and vintage-inspired musks, whether you’re captivated by the elegance of the roaring ’20s or the laid-back vibes of the ’70s, retro fragrances offer a nostalgic trip through scent that resonates with the heartwarming memories of yesteryears. It’s like stepping into a time machine, but instead of bell-bottoms and disco balls, you’re greeted with the sweet scent of nostalgia.

Mindful fragrances

Mindful fragrances In 2024, there’s a trend for fragrances that do more than just smell good – they make you feel good too. These mood-altering fragrances are like aromatherapy in a bottle because let’s be honest, life can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster ride. So, whether you’re in need of a little zen, a boost of energy, or just craving a sweet escape from reality, there’s a fragrance out there to match.

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