2024 Salary Guide for the Finance sector

Pnet’s Job Market Trends Report provides data-driven insights into recruitment and employment trends in the local market. Developed to give local businesses a comprehensive summary of the trends shaping the local recruitment market, the report also unpacks specific sector insights – from both an employer and candidate perspective.

In its Job Market Trends report (Q4:2023), Pnet provides insights into the market-related monthly salaries that the job market is offering for specific job roles and professionals. Earning a salary is the number one reason why people look for a job, take up a job or find a new job. However, talking about salaries is still a taboo topic and most people simply speculate about what others earn.

According to Statistics South Africa, the average monthly salary in South Africa is R26 086. In the interest of job seekers, employers and recruitment specialists, Pnet has taken a deep dive into market-related salaries, providing insights into what the job market is offering for specific job roles and professionals in the Finance sector:

Year-on-year increases in salary offerings were evident for Bookkeeping (7%), Credit Management (between 20% and 25%), and Internal Auditing (between 10% and 14%).

On the other hand, External Auditing experienced a year-on-year decrease in salary offerings (between -2% and -6%). Top earners in Finance are Financial Analysts, Internal Auditors, External Auditors and Cost & Management Accountants.

How Pnet solves recruitment challenges for SMEs

Pnet is the leading online recruitment platform in South Africa, offering a range of benefits to help SMEs hire the right people:

Time and cost efficiency: Pnet streamlines the hiring process so that SMEs can quickly and directly reach more jobseekers. Pnet’s smart-matching technology makes it easy to filter and shortlist potential candidates. This reduces the administrative tasks associated with hiring activity, resulting in significant time and cost savings for SMEs. In addition, Pnet’s Response Handling Team can free up time for SME employees to focus on their core activities by managing the entire recruitment process on their behalf, with pricing to suit SMEs of all sizes.

Access to a larger talent pool: With a database of six million jobseekers, Pnet provides access to a diverse pool of quality candidates, including both active and passive jobseekers. SMEs can connect with candidates from various locations and backgrounds, increasing the likelihood of finding the right fit for their roles. What’s more, job ads get extra exposure through Pnet’s extensive investment in marketing and promotion of job listings on the platform, and get further reach from the 100 million Job Alerts that Pnet sends directly to jobseekers’ inboxes every month.

Brand visibility: Even smaller companies can gain visibility and credibility through Pnet, thanks to its Company Hub solution, which enables SMEs to enhance their employer brand and attract top talent without going to the expense of investing in their own website.

The role of data in recruitment has emerged as a crucial factor in staying competitive and relevant. By understanding the challenges unique to the Finance sector, businesses can leverage data-driven recruitment to ensure a steady pipeline of qualified candidates and reinforce their position in a competitive market.

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