Trends shaping the skincare landscape

By Abby Vorster

It’s a new year for skincare with new formulation technologies expected to join the ranks of niacinamide and vitamin c, which were popular in 2023. Abby Vorster provides a glimpse into the industry’s future, based on insights from local skincare brands.

Caffeine Antioxidant Serum (Image: ENOUGH)

According to experts at Nimue, materials manufactured using biotechnology are the way of the future, sparking increased interest in natural, sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients, innovative antioxidants and anti-pollution actives.

Newcomer to the market, ENOUGH proudly addresses the increasing demand for clean and natural skincare through its unique upcycled range of skincare products. The brand’s R&D team predicts interest in plant stem cells to grow this year. Cell senescence has been a hot topic at international congresses. What’s even more interesting is there are now sufficient clinical trials both in vivo and in vitro supporting the use of stem cells in skincare with results showing a delay or ‘freeze’ in the appearance of ageing.

Caring for African skin

Vitaderm is conscious of the impact the harsh sun has on local consumers as well as those living in Africa. Because our skin is exposed daily to UV radiation, it can lead to damage at a cellular level, including discolouration and hyperpigmentation. The African market is showing increased interest in products that correct and repair UV damage for healthy and optimally functioning skin cells.

Advanced formulas that help to target sun damage, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone will remain high on Vitaderm’s R&D agenda. Experts from this brand say that active serums, overnight masques, regular exfoliation and daily moisturisers containing research-based ingredients that target uneven skin tone can make a meaningful impact on promoting brighter skin.

A woman examining her skin texture (Image: Vitaderm)

AI integration

AI technology is reshaping the consumer journey and how ingredients are developed and tested by suppliers. Technology innovation is a critical pillar in any brand strategy and can be used to enhance customer engagement. AI can also be used to contribute significantly to providing tailored and effective skincare solutions.

It also offers an interactive way to recommend skincare products based on the analysis of individual skin types and concerns. According to Vitaderm, these recommendations may consider factors such as climate, lifestyle and specific skincare goals. At Nimue, the team is keeping an eye the increased use of AI for personalised skincare diagnostics and the growth in wearable technology for real-time skin health monitoring.

Healthy skin is in

Nimue Sensitive range (Image: Nimue)

Consumers’ pursuit of optimal skin health will continue this year. Nimue products address the growing awareness of well-being and its impact on skin health, by emphasising the skin-brain connection. Its Purifying range launched in 2022 as well as Nimue’s new launch, the Sensitive range, focus on the key areas of skin health, barrier function and the microbiome.

Vitaderm also promotes a holistic approach to skincare by focusing on daily activities and habits that promote balance and harmony. The brand recently launched a concise superfoods range to support its ‘healthy skin starts from within’ approach.

The superfoods range consists of a collagen powder, moringa powder and baobab powder, with each offering formulated with a unique combination of nutrients, minerals and vitamins to boost health and wellness, both internally and externally.

Compliance is key for transparent brands

For these any many other South African brands, ensuring product safety and ingredient transparency remain a top priority for 2024 coupled with maintaining compliance with evolving global regulatory requirements.

As part of ENOUGH’s commitment to transparency, the brand’s goal is to ensure that its customers can trust in the safety, efficacy and compliance of its products, regardless of where they are in the world.

Vitaderm’s formulas adhere to strict safety regulations and recommendations made by international regulatory bodies, including the FDA. The team keeps a close eye on changes and adapts where required, while Nimue’s team works closely with its EU Responsible Person and Safety Assessor to monitor regulatory changes in terms of banned and restricted ingredients. This ensures Nimue products are compliant and meet implementation deadlines.

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