5 Food safety challenges you can overcome with the right lubrication partner

Food safety challenges is a global concern for every food manufacturer. Despite lubricants being a small part of food manufacturing, they have a big impact on food safety.

5 Food safety challenges to overcome

1. Comply with food safety standards

Food manufacturers must comply with numerous rules and regulations in order to offer their customers the high-quality products they expect. Lubricants – although only a small component in production – do have an impact on food safety. And food safety is a very complex issue. Ask yourself if your lubricant supplier offers you products and services that match this complexity. Seemingly simple solutions do not match the complexity in food production.

2. Pass the next audit easily

Passing audits is a must. Passing them efficiently and with little effort is a competitive advantage. Make sure that the lubricants area in your production is clearly structured and process-oriented. For example, does your lubricant supplier provide you with colour-coded labels, does he plan a grade reduction with you, or does he work out a TPM-based lubrication plan with you?

food safety challenges

3. Avoid reputational damage

A company‘s reputation is built up over years and can be damaged in seconds. To avoid small mistakes with big consequences, you should exhaust all possibilities. Lubricants and comprehensive lubricant management, supported by a reliable supplier, are a seemingly small contribution but can have a big impact.

4. Get all employees on the same page and overcome internal resistance

When it comes to details in production, keeping all the rules is not easy. It is important to have all employees in the same boat. It is all the better if they know exactly what they are doing and can rely on clear structures. Training helps your employees to behave safely at all times when it comes to lubricants and to exploit the full potential that modern lubricant management offers.

5. Take a look at lubrication only once

Lubricants are a small but important part of a production that maintains high-quality standards and can help manage food safety challenges. The right products and services can make it much easier for you to comply with rules and pass audits – without having to deal with them time and again. Take a look at lubrication when you are looking for the right partner, so that you can then leave the issue to the technical experts in production with peace of mind.

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Manage food safety challenges with Klüber Lubrication

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