5 Reasons to use energy chains

Polymer energy chains provide improved low maintenance protection for cables, hoses and pneumatics for industrial equipment wherever power, data, control, fibre and optic cables are required.

Moving conduit

Global polymer manufacturer, igus is steadily making inroads into where its energy chains can improve cable management on machines where repetitive linear movements are required. The energy chains usually replace festoon systems on equipment like gantry cranes, tripper cars and can even replace cable reel drums on heavy duty mining machines such as stackers and reclaimers.

igus managing director, Ian Hewat, says its e-chain cable carriers are increasingly being designed into new systems or retro fitting festoons and cable reel systems in most industries. Rather than looping cables or winding them onto drum the e-chains simply act as a moving conduit or a sort of spine that keeps the cable neat and always protected.

Here are the five reasons to choose energy chains over festoons:

1. Increased Reliability:

igus energy chains are designed to provide reliable performance which reduces downtime through protecting the minimum bending radius unlike festoons which can be prone to snagging and wear, energy chains offer a more robust and controlled cable management solution. Among these solutions are their chainflex cable that is specially designed to run inside of the e-chains.

2. Reduced Maintenance

Energy chains require minimal maintenance compared to festoon systems. igus energy chains have self-lubricating polymer, reducing the need for constant maintenance whereas the rollers on the festoons often need regular lubrication. The e-chain also allows you to add cables and hoses should you wish to do so.

3. Better Cable Protection

Through the design of the energy chains the minimum bending radius is controlled that shields cables and hoses which in turn reduces the risk of damage or electrical failures caused by external elements. Festoons on the other hand has their radius exposed and uncontrolled with added stress and tension on the hanging parts.

Industries where Igus energy chains are used
Industries where Igus energy chains are used

4. Space Efficiency

igus energy chains are designed to be compact and space-efficient, making them suitable for applications with limited space whereas festoons you need to allow space for the cables depending on the length of travel and number of trolleys used.

5. Safety

Energy chains contribute to a safer work environment by preventing cables from hanging loose, the e-chain can be installed at a lower level due to its compactness making any sort of maintenance easier and safer. Festoons need to be at a much higher-level impacting health and safety.

Industries where Igus energy chains are used
Industries where Igus energy chains are used

Effective cable management systems should complement an operations’ objectives and result in better productivity, increased reliability, improved safety and reduce costs.

Polymer energy chains from igus tick all these boxes and more.

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