6 ways to save money on car insurance

By Janice Roberts

We all like a bit of extra money in our pockets. To celebrate Savings Month, here are King Price’s top tips to save on your car insurance premiums.

  1. Shop around. If you’re buying a car, remember that it’s not only the monthly payment you have to budget for – you also have to pay insurance. And, if you’re financing the car, you have to insure it before you even drive it off the showroom floor. But don’t settle for the first quote you get: you’d be surprised by how much premiums can vary.
  2. Adjust your excess. Your excess is the first amount payable on any claim, and the excess you choose affects the premium you pay. The higher the excess, the lower the premium – but choose carefully, because you need to be able to pay the excess amount if you claim. Or find an insurer who can offer you an excess that meets your budget.
  3. Combine your policies. There are a couple of reasons why it makes sense to cover your car, home and possessions with the same insurer. One, it makes your life a lot easier. And two, you generally qualify for discounts when you bring all your insurance under one roof. Some insurers even offer additional savings when you put more than one car on the same policy.
  4. Reduce your risks. All insurers rate your risk and work out your premium accordingly. So, if you change jobs and have a shorter commute to work, your risk reduces. You can also reduce your risk by improving your home security, for example. And while you’re at it, remember what your garage is for: parking in the garage rather than the pavement = safer car = less risk = lower premium.
  5. Look after your credit score. You should look after your credit score as carefully as you do your shiny new wheels. Having a great credit rating positively affects your premium.
  6. Get decreasing premiums. The value of your car decreases every month – so surely, your car insurance premiums should, too? Not so. King Price is the only insurer that decreases your premium monthly in line with the depreciation in your car’s value.



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