a.b.e. and CFL join forces to fast-track seamless concrete flooring

Titan Top dry shake spreader machine

CLF’s new Titan Top dry shake spreader machine in action providing strong, abrasion- and slip-resistant flooring for a new warehouse in Boksburg.

Concrete Laser Flooring (CLF), specialists in the construction of joint free concrete floors, has, in conjunction with a.b.e. Construction Chemicals, introduced a new innovative spreader machine to meet the growing demand for harder, flatter, and more abrasion-resistant concrete surfaces.

a.b.e. Construction Chemicals – part of the Chryso Southern Africa Group – is supplying CLF with Titan Top, a dustless, non-metallic floor surface hardener for use with the Titan Top Dry Shake Spreader machine imported for use by CLF. The dry shake surface hardening powder, which combines high strength Portland cement with selected aggregates, achieves maximum suppression of steel fibres where they are used to reinforce a floor.

Brian Norton, Director of CLF, says the unique, versatile design of the imported Dry Shake Spreader features low dust loading technology with inlet brushes, storage for twenty 25kg bags of surface hardening powder, all contained in a compact machine which is easy to transport.

“The spreader’s high maneuverability allows effortless close work around columns and other obstructions during flooring operations. It also provides exceptional spreading accuracy, allowing for the application of fine materials as well as large aggregates. With this high-tech machine, CLF is now able to increase productivity and efficiency by covering larger areas in shorter time while reducing labour cost and worker fatigue,” Norton states.

He says among the other advantages of the Titan Top Dry Shake Spreader when used with the a.b.e. surface hardener, are:

* Optimised distribution of the surface hardener to ensure a uniform and homogenous layer

* Floor surfaces with increased strength as well as abrasion- and slip-resistance

* Improved surface quality as a result of the suppression of steel fibres

* Double the serviceable life of the concrete floor

* Uniform colour that enhances the appearance of the high-density floor, which is also easy to clean

* Improved floor tolerance levels because flatter floors are more efficient and require low maintenance

* Increased resistance to liquid penetration

* Improved light reflection to conserve energy

* Dustless application.

“CLF, as a leading flooring contractor, is committed to innovation and constantly striving to develop products that provide greater value and benefits to the end user. By joining forces with a.b.e. Construction Chemicals, CLF now has the equipment and material to provide seamless factory and warehouse flooring that could match the best in the world,” Norton adds.

Michelle Fick, Executive Relationship and Project Manager of the Chryso Group, says the dry shake surface hardener supplied to CLF by a.b.e. is one of a growing number of dustless cementitious products manufactured by the company, all welcomed by the South African construction industry which is increasingly aiming for ‘green’ building.

“The surface hardener, developed and marketed by a.b.e. as ‘abecron LA Dustless’, provides a low cost solution for hardening new industrial, commercial or residential concrete floors. Used conventionally, the self-leveller greatly assists the power-floating process and, when applied with CLF’s innovative Dry Shake Spreader, the benefits are enormous.

“The surface hardener requires less water which substantially reduces lamination risk, while the dustless technology reduces health risks and area contamination. The product, which is supplied in 25kg bags, is helping CLF to provide floor surfaces with increased strength and exceptional wear resistance,” Fick adds.

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