a.b.e. Mortars for Concrete and Cement Imperfections

a.b.e.’s concrete enhancing and repair products enhance the appearance of the finishes of all exposed concrete and deal with concrete imperfections.
Concrete enhancing and repair products supplied by a.b.e. Construction Chemicals were used for the construction of the new vibrant mixed-use Oxford Parks precinct in Rosebank.

a.b.e. Construction Chemicals has supplied concrete fairing and repair products for the construction industry for many decades.

Warren Trew, Regional Sales Manager for a.b.e. Gauteng, says a.b.e.’s dura.rep FC fairing compound gets applied to enhance the appearance of the finishes of all exposed concrete and the exposed, off-shutter concrete surfaces of structures, with dura.rep FR fibre-reinforced mortar used to deal with concrete imperfections.

“dura.rep FC is a single component, polymer-modified cementitious compound that provides a fair-faced finish to concrete and masonry, and can also close blowholes prior to the application of protective coatings. The compound only requires the addition of a minimal amount of water for mixing. It is easy to apply and requires no priming or curing to ensure excellent bonding to concrete and masonry structures. dura.rep FC also contains no chlorides and can be used for vertical and overhead applications,” Trew said.

“dura.rep FR is a polymer-modified, cement-based mortar widely used to repair voids and honeycombed areas of concrete. The product, which is also chloride-free, provides high ultimate strength and has four to six times stronger resistance to abrasion than plain rendering. dura.rep FR does not shrink and is easy to apply and, as it is pre-blended, constant quality and performance are ensured,” Trew explained.

Apart from these two popular cementitious repair mortars, others include dura.rep FS fast-setting patching mortar and dura.rep GT-MCi with migrating corrosion inhibitor.

a.b.e. also offers a range of epoxy repair mortars that offer benefits like high early strength, chemical resistance, and cures in damp conditions.

Noteworthy South African building projects for which a.b.e.’s dura.rep products have already been used include:

  • Oxford Parks hotel and buildings, Rosebank;
  • Impala Platinum cooling tower, Springs;
  • Growthpoint Lakeside offices, Centurion;
  • N17 Regents Park highway bridge, Johannesburg;
  • Val de Vie River Bridge, Paarl;
  • Norval Foundation premises, Steenberg; and
  • Nuform office block, Margate.

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