a.b.e. reveals new packaging for silicone sealants

a.b.e. reveals new packaging for silicone sealantsa.b.e. Construction Chemicals is introducing new, eye-catching packaging for five silicone sealants for the retail market.

All of its silicone sealants are available in boxes of 12:

a.b.e. silicone sealant: A multi-purpose sealant, ideal to create hygienic exterior and interior seals. The product is packaged in 280ml cartridges and available in white, clear, black, and grey.

a.b.e. acrylic sealant: A flexible, paintable filler with fast-curing qualities allow for painting after only an hour. The new product is available in white, and packaged in 280ml cartridges.

a.b.e. flexothane 1 sealant: An elastomeric polyurethane joint sealant, suitable for both vertical and horizontal use. Available in grey, 310ml cartridges.

a.b.e. gasket silicone sealant: A high-temperature-resistant silicone sealant that can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius. Available in red, 280ml cartridges.

a.b.e. filler foam: A polyurethane self-moulding fixing foam that expands 50 times with excellent adhesion, and can easily be cut and painted. Available in 500ml tins and is a creamy yellow colour.

Retailers should not underestimate how packaging can help sell a product. That’s why a.b.e. is excited to see their silicone sealant range in new striking packaging which will not only attract attention but also offer consumers helpful product information right at the point of purchase.

Packaging and merchandising are key components in the a.b.e. marketing mix. It has a massive impact in driving sales and influencing purchasing decisions. Appropriately, silicone trays are used to display the silicone sealant range on retail shelves.

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