A DIY Revolution Hits South Africa  

J-B Weld, a stalwart in the world of epoxies and adhesives with over 50 years of innovation, has become a household name in the United States. Now, through exclusive importer Keizin Automotive, the brand is making waves in South Africa, offering a range of ground breaking products that cater to the needs of both DIY enthusiasts and professional tradesmen.  

Keizin Automotive office.

In a market flooded with choices, J-B Weld stands out with its commitment to delivering “The World’s Strongest Bond,” a promise rooted in its founding year of 1969 when it introduced the original ‘tougher than steel’ cold-weld epoxy. With a rich history of research and development, J-B Weld has consistently evolved, offering cutting-edge solutions that have become indispensable for challenging repairs.  

Greg Hutcheon, managing director of Keizin Automotive, notes the growing popularity of J-B Weld in South Africa, stating, “We are witnessing an increasing number of people specifically asking for the brand. The DIY community, in particular, is endorsing J-B Weld epoxies for their versatility in handling difficult projects. As word spreads on global DIY forums, South Africans are discovering the unmatched capabilities of J-B Weld for a wide range of applications.”  

Keizin Automotive, a well-established player in the South African retail landscape, currently boasts over 400 supporting stockists across the country. While their focus has traditionally been on the automotive FMCG segment, well known for the Meguiar’s and Rislone product ranges for which they are exclusive distributors, they are strategically expanding into the hardware DIY market and other niches where J-B Weld’s products find a natural fit, such as camping, outdoor, and swimming pool retailers.  

With a comprehensive inventory of 35+ J-B Weld products, Keizin Automotive offers South African consumers access to a diverse array of options. This includes ultra-strong cold-weld epoxies, quick-setting variants, specialised epoxies for bonding plastics, options with extreme temperature tolerance, and an innovative epoxy putty designed to set underwater. Particularly noteworthy is the epoxy putty’s application for repairs in water tanks and swimming pools without the need for draining.  

In addition to epoxies, the J-B Weld range available through Keizin Automotive also includes silicone RTV gasket makers and thread lockers, offering a holistic solution for various repair and bonding needs.  

As J-B Weld continues to redefine the standards of strength and durability, its partnership with Keizin Automotive ensures that South Africans have easy access to these game-changing products. With a growing presence in diverse retail segments, J-B Weld is set to become synonymous with reliable and powerful bonding solutions in the South African DIY landscape.  

For those interested in exploring the J-B Weld range, Keizin Automotive invites you to contact them at 031 569-2221 (Durban) or 011 392-1961 (Johannesburg).   

Further information can be found on their website at www.jbweld.co.za.  

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