A powerful combination

Hyster diesel and LPG forklifts are available from Barloworld HandlingBarloworld Handling has been the southern African dealer for Hyster since 1929. Today the company offers a comprehensive range of forklift trucks, warehousing and container handling equipment, complemented with value-added solutions.

Its Hyster range enables Barloworld Handling to offer equipment for the handling of all types of palletised or non-palletised loads, from the largest container handlers and reach stackers, to nearly every type and size of industrial forklift truck, to special warehousing equipment, says Vishal Tilak, senior General Manager at Barloworld Handling SA.

“Combining innovative design, industrial-strength components and state-of-the-art ergonomics, Hyster materials handling equipment ensures reliability and low cost of operation, along with operator comfort and productivity,” says Tilak, adding, “The aim is maximum uptime, maximum productivity and serviceability, and ensuring reduced lifetime costs for our customers.”

More than 140 Hyster models are available covering the spectrum of load handling requirements.

Diesel / LPG forklifts

Hyster diesel and LPG forklifts are available from standard models in the CT series to premium configurations of the Hyster Fortens range, with overall capabilities from 1.6-9 tons. The compact Hyster CT Series is designed to meet the requirements of customers with standard operations, while the Fortens range incorporates industry leading innovations to help improve operator productivity and reduce life time costs in more demanding applications.

“Hyster Fortens lift trucks are widely regarded as some of the toughest in the industry. They deliver superior productivity, moving more loads per hour, and reduced ownership costs, thanks to state-of-the art technology and engineering. Industry-leading truck design and ergonomics also minimise operator fatigue,” explains Tilak.

The Fortens range features efficient LPG and diesel engines combined with electronically controlled Hyster Duramatch transmissions that help improve operator productivity and reduce lifetime costs.


The full Hyster warehousing range available from Barloworld Handling comprises pallet trucks, tow trucks, stackers, reach trucks, low-, mid- and high-level order pickers and very narrow aisle trucks. All units feature full AC power, compact dimensions, ergonomic controls, programmable performance and regenerative braking.

The range offers solutions to all customer needs. From the loading and unloading of goods, short and long distance transfers within the warehouse and storage to stacking and order fulfilment operations. Various attachments are available to suit specialist requirements.

“The Hyster warehousing range is specially designed to contribute to higher warehouse throughput, more efficient space utilisation, and lower operating costs,” says Tilak, adding, “Product innovation, combined with some of the best value add in the industry, has enabled us to grow our Hyster warehousing market share significantly over the past few years.”

Hyster range of high capacity forklift trucks and container handlersElectric trucks

Available in capacities from 1.0-5.5 tons, and offering a variety of wheelbase and battery configurations, Hyster electric forklifts are engineered for dependability, performance, manoeuvrability and extended shift life. These trucks are used for indoor or outdoor operation, loading/unloading, shuttling and storage of raw materials, finished goods and production materials.

Big trucks

The Hyster range of high capacity forklift trucks and container handlers represent market-leading solutions for the handling of materials across a wide range of heavy industries, offering products with handling capacities from 8-52 tons. It has been at the forefront of big truck design for more 50 years, providing solutions to customers worldwide.

Adding further depth to its product offering, Barloworld Handling has in recent years also added Utilev forklifts for lighter-duty applications and specialist Aisle-Master very narrow aisle articulated lift trucks to its line-up. Of course, buying a lift truck is about more than simply buying a piece of equipment. “Recognising this, we strive to deliver value by tailoring solutions to individual customer needs,” says Tilak.

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