Accurate dairy protein with first in-line standardisation analyser

Tetra Pak and FOSS have created an advanced version of the Tetra Pak Standardisation unit that provides accurate dairy protein and fat measurement and control.



The new unit helps customers ensure consistent product quality and bolster profitability by eliminating uncertainty from sampling techniques.

This is a fully integrated standardisation process that employs automation hardware and software algorithms that react and adjust in real time for guaranteed ratio performance. Important data is delivered every seven seconds for faster reaction times that improve product quality.


Cream and milk are first separated to standardise products on a dairy line. The two elements are then mixed together again. However, not all of the original fat content is returned; only the precise level required for milk to be classified as skimmed, semi-skimmed or whole (or the required amount of fat for different cream products).

The standardisation process is controlled by rapid, frequent, and accurate analyses. More accurate tests provide more precise results, which reduces variation between tanks and vats.

Customer demands for specific raw material ratios, higher fat to protein or fat to total solids ratios, for example, employ the same process when using milk as an ingredient in yoghurt, cheese, and powder products. Standardisation is also sometimes referred to as re-adding protein content – in precise quantities, as required – when making different products.

Return on investment

Efficiency improvements, reduced product loss, and less downtime provide a return on the investment (ROI) in two to four years.

The solution offers a range of benefits for customers especially in cheese and milk powder production, including:

  • Advanced performance for fat to protein ratios, significantly increasing profit;
  • 24/7, uniform, and specified product quality; and
  • Elimination of the uncertainty associated with manual sampling.

Ib Haunstrup, product manager at FOSS says, ‘A key benefit of the integration of FOSS analytic software within the new Tetra Pak Standardization units with continuous protein control is the ability to test a number of components directly, eliminating the need for manual testing and enabling producers to run at very narrow margins between specified points. This unique technology supports producers to respond to changing market trends, such as increased demand for protein-enriched products, while also securing efficiency and product quality.’

Tetra Pak Standardisation units with continuous protein control are currently being tested with a customer in Finland. Raimo Vehkoja, production manager at Valio, says, ‘The challenge we faced was that the existing line was coming to the end of its lifecycle and maintenance costs were high. This new investment gave us more accurate fat to protein ratio, giving us better use of raw materials and constant product quality. It also drastically reduces maintenance costs.’

The new unit is available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Germany, Holland, France, UK, Denmark, Sweden and Poland, and will roll out to more markets in the next year.

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