ACG Pharmapack’s anti-fog film wins WorldStar 2015 award

The film, which is specially-designed for pharmaceutical diagnostics instruments and food diagnostic test kits, won the prestigious WorldStar 2015 Award at the ceremony held in Milan, Italy.ACG Pharmapack, a member of ACG Worldwide, received a WorldStar 2015 award from the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) for its innovative product, NoMist.

The anti-fog film was recognised in the pharmaceutical and medical category.

The film combines the barrier features of traditional pharmaceutical and medical diagnostic packaging films with specially designed anti-fog properties. This technology has been especially designed for pharmaceutical diagnostic instruments and food diagnostic test kits where the chances of fogging on the packaging are high.

It was also developed for instruments and kits that, in addition to barriers against moisture and oxygen, see-through clarity is required for detection of sensitive parameters. The parameters could be drug efficacy levels, PH levels or protein levels among others.

ACG Pharmapack received its award during a ceremony and cocktail reception in May 2015 in Milan, Italy. Judging reportedly took place in 2014 when representatives from 17 packaging associations and the WPO judged 265 packaging projects from 37 countries.

NoMist previously won an IndiaStar from the Indian Institute of Packaging and an AsiaStar from the Asian Packaging Federation. In 2013 another of ACG Pharmapack’s innovations, Alukbliss, was awarded by these two associations as well as the WPO. Alukbliss is a packaging film identical to cold form blister foils in appearance yet with the barrier of PVC.

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