Adam Equipment is 50

ADAM - 50
Solis and Luna range of analytical and precision laboratory balances.

Weighing scale manufacturer’s sustainable commitment inspires 50th birthday celebrations

A worldwide programme of tree planting and special product offers will mark the 50th anniversary of a leading weighing scale and balance manufacturer.

Adam Equipment, which was founded in the UK in 1972 and set up its first office in South Africa in 1990, will take the opportunity this year to look back at a half-century of continued growth. Today, the company also has offices in the US, Australia, Germany and China.

Having begun life as a small family business selling and repairing weighing scales, Adam Equipment began manufacturing its own weighing scales in the 1980s, before introducing laboratory balances to its range. Today, Adam Equipment is owned by Sweden-based international technology and industrial group Indutrade AB – and there are over 400 weighing devices and accessories in the company’s range.

Throughout 2022, the Adam offices will run a series of special product offers – and, to reflect the company’s commitment to sustainable growth, trees will be planted in locations around the world by the six global offices.

Managing Director Richard Storey said: “Adam Equipment has always been about quality, rather than being the cheapest you can buy. We have always aimed to provide products that give many years of service – rather than cheap scales that last a year or two and are then thrown away. Not only does this offer better value for money – it’s better for the planet, too.

“I believe that this has been the key to our success – because customers trust our products.

“2022 is certainly a significant celebration for us, but our intention is to look toward the future as much as celebrating the past. More than ever, we are committed to producing high quality, long-lasting products – and continuously bettering sustainable manufacturing processes.” Johann Hewitt, General Manager of Adam’s South Africa office, added: “Over the last 31 years we have introduced high-quality products to the weighing market in South Africa, ensuring customers are weighing more accurately, with products that last much longer than comparable

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