adapa Group: Investing strategically

In a difficult year for the industry, characterised by persistent inflation, irregular supply chains, a declining market and ever-increasing customer expectations, adapa Group has managed to successfully advance its medium-term strategic goals.

Image supplied: adapa Group CEO, Juan Luís Martínez Arteaga

Under the motto “#future is driven by action”, the Group consolidated its economic stability and was able to maximise profits despite the challenging times. This made it possible to realise extensive investments totalling 50 million euros in important projects, which the Group believes will position itself well for future challenges.

Investing in the future: 50 million euros

adapa’s strategy “#future is driven by action” is here as the result of a collaboration and shared understanding on Group and local-entity level, and it led the Group to where it is now: more tuned in and closer as a team. This results in multiple benefits for the customers. The pooling of many years of experience and the expertise of the entire Group, as well as excellent teamwork, has led to an optimised corporate structure. This action-orientated strategy is underpinned by considerable investments in the past and in the future, with around 50 million euros capital expenditures being allocated in the printing and extrusion sectors in particular. These investments are a sign of the mutual trust that the Group, together with its investors, has in the future.

United ‘Team adapa’: Best service, high customer satisfaction

At the heart of the strategic vision, which is fundamentally based on four pillars, is the company’s commitment to revolutionising its approach to customer service in order to ensure “Our best for your goods”. adapa Group is focused on achieving superior customer experience in all areas. The aim is to become the most important partner for all potential projects, regardless of whether they come from existing or potential customers, by being close to the customer. The sales & customer care together with the R&D organisation is geared towards market needs and product focus areas – everything has been streamlined to achieve optimal delivery, shorter lead times and greater overall efficiency. The consistent implementation of the various measures has helped adapa to create an effective structure characterised by a high degree of flexibility in order to optimally serve both medium-sized customers with small to medium print runs and selected key accounts. The significant investments are proof of the commitment to provide flexible and efficient packaging solutions that enable adapa’s customers to succeed in today’s dynamic market.

Driving force in the development of Design for Recycling solutions

Another integral part of the Group’s overall strategic vision is a comprehensive, consistent focus on sustainability with clearly defined goals based on the four pillars of purpose, people, planet, and prosperity. One important measure here is the integration of Product Sustainability in the Research & Development department which is reporting directly to the CEO. In this way, adapa Group ensures that its product portfolio is optimally aligned with market needs and can respond even faster to current, changing demands. As a pioneer and driving force in the development of Design for Recycling solutions, adapa offers alternatives to conventional packaging, e.g. paper-based materials for the confectionery segment, which work closely with customers to drive the transition to circular models in the area of flexible packaging solutions. The declared aim is not only to achieve products that are designed for recycling, but also to reduce the environmental impact in terms of resource-saving, waste, etc.

With all these measures, adapa Group is emphasising its strong position and, together with its investors, sees itself excellently equipped for future challenges. CEO Juan Luís Martínez Arteaga highlights: “Our strategy is the result of close collaboration, mutual support and shared values throughout the Group, which extends right down to the local level. This has led us to where we are now: A strong adapa team that is excellently harmonised, takes responsibility and acts with the future in mind.”

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