Add value to your business with Watex

Watex has been manufacturing quality hosing products for over 20 years and can add great value to your operation.

Reinforced Hosing has been manufacturing the well-known and respected Watex brand in South Africa since 1999.

Using virgin raw materials its current range include amongst others the following:

• Agricultural dragline with two products on offer. Firstly a 10-year warranty SABS approved hose and a price competitive 5-year warranty hose

• Clear tubing is available for a number of applications in various sizes

Garden hose comes in the following categories:

  • 6-year warranty with and without fittings in 12 and 20mm diameters and lengths of 20 and 30 metres
  • 8-year warranty bright and colourful hose available in 12mm diameter and lengths of 20 metres, all with fittings

• Clear reinforced tubing is manufactured in a variety of diameters to suit most needs

• Mining hose is manufactured to SABS specifications and a whole range is available

• Industrial hose is also manufactured for a variety of applications and in various diameters and lengths

• Gas Hose is LPG SABS Certified and available in various lengths from pre-packed 2m with clamps to 30m, 50m and 100m rolls

• Fittings and accessories for garden hoses are also available, ready to merchandise for both the 12mm and 20mm garden hose

• The Garden Wall is a ready-made solution for space-restricted modern homes. It makes the garden on patios and walls very easy and is available in kit form that is easy to assemble and mount.

New additions

Recent new additions to the range of hose include Suction Hose that is manufactured from virgin raw materials. It is transparent for better visibility and more flexible as well. It is available in 25-150mm diameter x 30m lengths in black or yellow. The latest product is Crop Spray Hose that is equally at home being used for Pesticide orchard spraying, compressed air lines, pneumatic tools, etc to 4000 Kpa. It has a white Nitrile inner lining that is resistant to pesticides and fertiliser.

All Watex products are made retail-ready prior to shipping. In-house packaging solutions that cater to specific needs also make merchandising simple.

Deliveries are made throughout South Africa and into the rest of Africa as well as internationally.

Manufacturing to SANS 1086:2007 standards, many of the products now carry SABS certification and the entire process is quality controlled resulting in extended design life being offered as a warranty on most hose products.

A professional packaging design and print service are available accompanied by professional advice for custom branding.

Contact Watex at Reinforced Hosing to see how value can be added to your operations and visit its website to see the full range of products and specifications.

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