AECI commits to reducing food waste while tackling climate change and food securtiy

As a responsible corporate citizen AECI Food & Beverage is committed to addressing food insecurity in South Africa.  

Image: AECI team members

With millions going to bed hungry daily, we feel that it is our responsibility as a business in the food industry to help.  Through our partnership with Food Forward, we aim to support the most vulnerable members of society to have a daily meal.

Whilst helping those in need, we also aim to address surplus food and the negative impact that it has on the environment.  As such, this initiative is also reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the food supply chain.  From a life cycle perspective, it reduces the amount of food waste sent to landfill and avoids the need for additional food to be produced to meet the needs of the various beneficiaries.

On Monday, 16 October 2023, we celebrated World Food Day, and ten of the AECI Food & Beverage executives and staff donated their time to packing food packs at both the Johannesburg and Cape Town Food Forward warehouse, to demonstrate our support and commitment to addressing food insecurity.

Our investment of R700,000 aims to support members from under resourced communities in the Cape Town region.  Managing executive Roger Falck stated, “We are very proud of the partnership with Food Forward and the work that they do, this partnership is aligned with our purpose, to be “One AECI for a better world”.  He further added “Together, we can take action toward food insecurity and be the positive change that our country needs”.

As AECI, we recognise that continued sustainable support is a key part of the value we can invest in the future generation.  Our ‘good chemistry’ does not stop with our products and services but extends to our relationships with our stakeholders, including communities.


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