Eco-friendly surfactants with guaranteed skin mildness

In line with the trend towards mildness in shampoos and cleansing products,  AECI Specialty Chemicals presents a range of sulfate-free, eco-friendly surfactants.

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Due to the use of a multiple of cosmetic products on skin and hair, environmental pollution, and the amount of sebum produced by the skin, it is essential to maintain skin’s hygiene by removing dirt and build-up from the surface.

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Soap has been one of the most popular cleansing products due to its high foaming ability and strong cleansing capabilities. However there have been reports of soap-induced skin irritations such as dryness and redness. Consumers are now moving towards milder cleansers which can remove dirt and minimise skin barrier damage.

Mild surfactants on the rise

The use of mild surfactants in personal care products have increased over the past decade. The key driving forces comes from high demands on healthy cleansing products with an additive sensory quality. Mild surfactants provide low skin irritation with a luxurious creamy foam. They are also easy to rinse off and provide a soft, moisturising and smooth after-feel.

AECI Specialty Chemicals, together with its strategic industry leaders, offers a rich portfolio of eco-friendly surfactants that are sulfate-free, concentrated or solid products requiring less water in use.

Its comprehensive range of easy-to-use, mild surfactants and performance blends offers dense luxurious foaming in many applications, including:

  • Shampoos
  • Body and Face Wash
  • Bath Foams
  • Beauty and Syndet Bars
  • Baby Care  
CocoateTraditional cleansing agent used in liquid soap
Glutamate100% naturally derived mild surfactant used in rinse-off applications
Isethionates  These unique, sulfate-free surfactants enable the creation of crystal clear liquid products that are exceptionally luxurious and gentle on the skin
Olefin SulfonatesEO-free, anionic surfactant with hard water and electrolyte tolerance
Alkyl + Alkyl Ether SulfatesEO-free primary anionic surfactants with hard water and electrolyte tolerance
Alkyl AmphoacetatesMild, amphoteric co-surfactants used in cleansing products to help mitigate irritation from primary surfactants
Amine OxidesExcellent low pH stability and compatibility with cationic surfactants and polymers
BetainesMild amphoteric co-surfactants with excellent compatibility with anionic, non-ionic and cationic surfactants
Performance ConcentratesConcentrated surfactant blends optimised for use in various cleansing applications
SulfosuccinatesGentle yet effective cleansers that produce high foam at low levels and aid in building viscosity of surfactant systems
Taurates  High flash-foaming surfactants which are stable across a wide pH range and ideal for transparent hair and skin cleansing applications
Sarcosinates  Mild, naturally derived surfactants that provide foam stability and are stable over a wide pH range
Alkyl Ether Carboxylates  Extremely mild and compatible with other surfactants as well as ideal as
co-surfactants and coupling gents
GlycinatesAmino acid based surfactants that provide mild, effective cleansing
Glucosides100% naturally derived very mild surfactants commonly used to for their emulsifying and conditioning properties, and to enhance foaming
Cocamides  Non-ionic co-surfactants used to emulsify, boost viscosity, and solubilise
Eco-friendly surfactants that are sulfate free
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