Aesthetic Access Control Solutions

Entrance control solutions must be reliable, ergonomic, aesthetic and secure
Controlling the access into a building, the flow of people through it, and finally exiting again, is even more essential in uncertain times

Gunnebo is the world’s leading specialist in entrance control solutions and manufactures and supplies advanced speed gates, interior and exterior turnstiles ranging from simple tripod turnstiles to full-height turnstiles, revolving security and environmental doors, as well as vehicle barriers – all suited to a wide range of applications.

Their range of products is designed to create a safe environment – whether entering the reception of a company, a retailer, a hotel, a factory or mine, or even public transport – without restricting freedom of authorised movement or operations with the highest security requirements.

Gunnebo Entrance Control solutions strikes a perfect balance between functionality and design aesthetic.

3D configurator tools allow access control solutions such as speed gates to be visualised as part of the overall design. Gunnebo’s BIM objects, for example, can be dragged and dropped into any BIM system for architectural planning.

Access control has evolved dramatically during recent years. But one thing remains the same: the need to secure one’s physical premises and property.

Controlling the access into a building, the flow of people through it, and finally exiting again, is even more essential in uncertain times. The systems in place must not inhibit the evacuation of the building in an emergency. The Gunnebo Entrance Control solutions cater for each of these scenarios, ensuring peace of mind.

Reception areas are getting larger and more open to impress visitors and make employees feel welcome. Owners want the latest design trends whilst keeping physical barriers to a minimum.

Work is becoming more flexible; people come and go throughout the day and night. Security access control may need to be connected remotely, so security can be maintained even if no staff member is physically present.

Reception areas are unlikely to be the only way in or out of your building – the same levels of security and sophistication are necessary in car parks and side entrances, where nobody is watching.

Security can be both ‘active’ and ‘passive’. Passive security is related to how a gate is positioned and structured to unconsciously create an aura of security and control.

Active security includes detecting attempts at fraudulent passage and then blocking them safely and firmly. Location of sensors and the software that governs them is therefore critical.

How technology integrates with existing systems and future developments is essential when considering the right entrance control solution.

Technology is changing fast. Artificial intelligence, facial recognition and biometric access control are likely to change how facilities are secured in the short to medium term. Therefore, to avoid the need for expensive replacements, access control systems need to be adaptable to new technologies.

From a facility manager’s point of view, remote connectivity can add enormous value to an access control system because it enables security to be monitored anywhere and at any time.

Entrance control solutions are an unavoidable part of any facility. They must be reliable, ergonomic, aesthetic and secure. That’s why Gunnebo Entrance Control have a host of experts available to support you with these critical requirements.

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