Air & Vacuum Technologies offers precision pump technology from Germany

By Varushka Padayachi
Digital Manager
Oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps designed and manufactured by Elmo-Rietschle (ER) in Germany are used in a wide variety of industrial applications. The brand offers the largest range of oil-flooded vacuum pumps for industrial coarse and fine vacuum operation. 

Air & Vacuum Technologies are the official sole distributor for the full range of ER products for Africa. 

The VACFOX VC range is based on three different designs. 

. Compact pumps with overhung bearing design. 

. Medium ranges with rotors supported on both sides and flexible coupling. 

. Large pumps with rotors supported on both sides, with flexible coupling and double walled cylinder for added cooling. 

VC303 – Inlet view

VC rotary vane vacuum pumps are air cooled in standard version. An oil-water cooler is available for high ambient temperatures or for heat recovery. The exhaust air is cleaned by a built-in oil mist filter with a very high separation efficiency ensuring oil free operation in all working conditions. During service, the oil mist filter can be changed quickly from the exterior of the oil box on the smaller models and via the maintenance cover on the larger models. The cover is sealed by an O-ring, or for sizes 50-150 with a bayonet fitting that requires only a half turn to release the filter. All pumps from 50m³/h up feature a gas ballast valve as standard. This optimises the water vapour and when the pump reaches its operating temperature any water vapour pumped passes through as a gas, without condensing.  

Standard features of the VC range. 

. Vanes made from special alloy for long service life. Models for high moisture applications are available with fibre resin infused vanes. 

. Oil separator with permanent oil re-circulation. 

. Gas ballast valve from range 50m³/h up. 

. Oil mist filter with bayonet fixing (sizes 50-150) 

. Large maintenance cover from range 200 up 

. Stainless steel mesh filter or paper filter 

. Non-return valve. 

Typical VC applications include: 

 Environmental Engineering 

. Aeration 

. Drying 

. Dust extraction 

Food processing 

. Bottling and filling machines 

. Cutting machines 

Industrial applications 

. Drying systems 

. Dust extraction systems 

. Industrial furnaces 

. Vacuum hold down 

Packaging industry 

. Centralised vacuum systems 

. Packaging machines 

. Vacuum moulding 

Pneumatic conveying 

Wood working industry 

. Dust extraction systems 

. Vacuum hold down 

ER’s full range for Africa is available from Air & Vacuum Technologies.  

VC303 – Filter view

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