Amar pressure reactor specialist

Celsius - AmarAmar have been a leading manufacturer of high pressure reactors and magnetic drive couplings for 35 years. They boast over 5 000 successful installations all over the world, and are represented in more than 40 countries.

Features include:

  • Stirred and non-stirred reactors
  • Sizes range from 25ml to 1000l
  • Materials of construction: SS-316/316L, hastelloy B/C, monel, inconel, nickel, titanium, tantalum, zirconium, etc.
  • Maximum design pressures up to 5000psig (350bar) and temperatures up to 500°C
  • All designs as per ASME codes and CE certified autoclaves on request
  • High torque, zero leakage magnetic drive coupling
  • Complete pilot plant with automatic temperature, pressure, RPM, motor torque/current, liquid and gas flow controlling, auto cooling system, chillers, condenser for distillation or reflux, thermal fluid heating/cooling system, etc.
  • PC controlled autoclave system to continuously monitor, control and record various parameters
  • Multiple parallel four or six reactors for high throughput testing
  • Catalytic vapour phase reactors
  • Complete FLP certified/explosion proof systems suitable for group IIC gases, like H2
  • Bottom stirred autoclaves
  • Glass body autoclaves
  • Interchangeable metal autoclaves and metal to glass autoclaves
  • Continuous flow stirred tank reactor
  • Fixed bed catalyst tubular reactor
  • Gas recycle vapour phase reactors
  • Acid digestion vessel

Amar is solely represented in South Africa by Celsius Scientific who have marketed and supplied this equipment for many years. Celsius’ satisfied, returning customers are testimony to their service and professionalism.


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