An app to guide DIY beginners

The Skil ‘DIY 4 Beginners’ app

An app to guide DIY beginners

The Skil ‘DIY 4 Beginners’ app offers access to over 60 easy-to-follow step-by-step guides and instructions on how to make the most efficient use of power tools during home renovation and DIY projects.

The DIY 4 Beginners app is compatible with Android and iOS (Apple) smartphones and tablets, and features a gyroscope and conversion calculator to simplify any task at hand. According to Skil Junior Brand Manager Taahir Suliman, the app is based on the website, which has proven that there is a big need for help with DIY jobs.

Skil is responding with the launch of the new DIY 4 Beginners app to the growing numbers of mobile devices. The website was started in 2012 and welcomed 89 000 visitors that year. In 2015, at least two-million unique visitors were expected to join,” he explains.

The DIY 4 Beginners app has already been downloaded more than 30 000 times since May 2014. Suliman highlights that with mobile traffic increasing, all types of information is within easy reach. “The big advantage of a smartphone or tablet is that users can have their device with them during the job, meaning they have readily-available access to all the information, all the time.”

Skil offers a broad range of high-quality electric power tools at affordable prices. Skil’s unique and value-added solutions make DIY jobs more convenient. With the DIY 4 Beginners app, Skil now provides help to consumers while they are physically working on their projects. The apps can be downloaded by scanning the QR codes below or visit the respective Android or Apple app stores.

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