Announcing one Agilent instrument company in Southern and East Africa

All Agilent Technologies product lines and products for chemical analysis, including chromatography, mass spectrometry and spectroscopy will now be represented and distributed by a single company and distributor, Chemetrix (Pty) Ltd for the entire Sub-Saharan Africa territory.

In line with Agilent, Chemetrix, being the supplier of Agilent Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry products in Southern and East Africa purchased 100% of the shares and claims in SMM Instruments (Pty) Ltd, the supplier of atomic and molecular spectroscopy products in Southern and East Africa. This has been in place since August 2014.

Since then, SMM Instruments operated as a totally separate entity as a wholly owned subsidiary of Chemetrix. It is now time to evolve to the next phase and incorporate the Agilent Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy Business into Chemetrix to form a very much focussed, larger company that supplies, sells and supports and provides solutions for all the Agilent Technologies Chemical Analysis product lines in Sub Saharan Africa.

SMM instruments (Pty) Ltd will continue to operate as a separate company, operating out of the same premises as Chemetrix, with their other product lines. These include Leica – Microsystems and Biosystems, Spectro Scientific Products and General Electric instruments as well as other agencies. Both companies will lever off each other’s infrastructure.

The integration of the Agilent portion of SMM into Chemetrix is another significant milestone in the growth strategy of Chemetrix and Agilent Technologies in Sub Saharan Africa and will add to, logically focus and fine tune the operations of Agilent Technologies in these regions.

It will therefore be ‘business as usual’ and going forward, customers and partners can be assured of Chemetrix providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ for solutions to customers for all Agilent products for Chemical Analysis.


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