Anuga FoodTec 2018 - Q and A with DLG’s Simone Schiller

This year Anuga FoodTec 2018 will be offering a broad-based technical programme flanking the trade fair and addressing topical themes in food technology. Simone Schiller, managing director of the DLG Competence Center Food & Beverage (DLG = Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society) provides an overview of what visitors to the trade fair in Cologne can expect from 20 to 23 March 2018.


Simone Schiller, managing director of the DLG Competence Cenre Food & Beverage

Q: DLG is responsible for organising the technical programme at Anuga FoodTec. What main emphasis have you selected for 2018?

A: On the grounds of its exceptionally high importance for the food and beverage industry, the technical programme at Anuga FoodTec 2018 will be concentrating on the guiding theme of resource efficiency. Visitors to the fair will find numerous opportunities in Cologne for grappling intensively with this multi-faceted issue, which is highly relevant for the entire industry.

Q: So efficient use of resources is the guiding theme at Anuga FoodTec 2018. What made you decide on this specific priority?

A: The rising demand for raw materials and energy sources worldwide and increasing urbanisation is compelling us to probe the reasons behind our present actions and business practices. Careful and at the same time efficient use of natural resources is the crucial key competence for fit-for-future societies. Many exhibitors at Anuga FoodTec 2018 will be showing innovative solutions for reducing the use of energy and water as well as for cutting food losses in production and at the same time boosting competitiveness. The technical programme at the fair will provide orientation in a structured and compact form and give the trade public fresh stimuli.

Q: How do you plan to illustrate the complex subject of resource efficiency at the fair? What highlights can the visitors look forward to?

A: In order to keep the guiding theme of resource efficiency in the spotlight throughout the fair, we have decided to combine three event formats. Firstly, there will be an opening conference on the theme with top-flight speakers. Under the heading “Resource efficiency – challenges and opportunities”, internationally recognised experts will shed light on the relevant facets of the matter. Secondly, the extensive programme of Expert Forums will take up the theme in a separate Forum entitled “Resource efficiency”. Thirdly, visitors to Anuga FoodTec will be able to obtain a compact and at the same time informative overview of innovations in the field of resource efficiency during Guided Tours of the exhibition.

 Q: What can visitors expect at the opening conference?

A: At the opening conference “Resource efficiency – challenges and opportunities” on 20 March, the experts Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart, Prof. Ruud Huirne, Prof. Pierre Pienaar and Prof. Alexander Sauer will each explore central areas of the issue of resource efficiency in their presentations. This will include effective and efficient organisation of the value creation process by making optimal use of materials, energy, personnel and capital. Options for the best possible use of resources will be shown – for greater sustainability, lower environmental impact, and savings in a wide range of business sectors.

Q: What benefits are to be gained from taking part in the guided tours?

A: Anuga FoodTec with around 1 700 registered exhibitors covers an extremely broad range of topical themes concerned with food technology. The guided tours offered by DLG facilitate orientation and provide visitors with a compact and informative overview of precisely those fields that attract their professional interest. In the course of the roughly one-hour guided tours of the fair, selected exhibitors will take about ten minutes each to present innovative products and solutions addressing a specific theme. There will be guided tours on subjects such as – Innovations in food technology, Robots in food production, Industry 4.0, Filling and packaging technology – modularisation, flexibilisation and individualisation, Meat processing technology, Dairy technology and Innovative packaging materials.

Q: What other themes in addition to the lead theme will you be addressing in the Forum programme?

A: The extensive range of expert forums is a fixed programme component for many visitors to Anuga FoodTec. The forums explore not only the guiding theme of resource efficiency, but also a number of topical food technology issues and link the latest scientific findings with business practice. Under the title “Topics, trends, technologies – what’s moving today’s food industry?” there will be an expert forum on current themes in the food and beverage industry. A further expert forum will be devoted to the topic “Food Ingredients”. A number of sessions on specific expert subjects will be offered at each forum. The spectrum of contents of these lectures and presentations will range from e.g. automation, flexibilisation and individualisation, to predictive maintenance and digital business models. Other focal subjects will be for instance foreign body identification, hygienic design, personalised nutrition, authenticity of foods, reformulation and genome editing. The Anuga FoodTec website provides an overview of the entire Forum Programme with its roughly 30 sessions.

Q: What function does Anuga FoodTec fulfil with regard to progress and networking in food technology?

In view of the many different challenges that the food industry is facing on the international scene, it is becoming increasingly more important to keep an eye on the technical and technological facilities available around the world, as well as the available forces in research and development. One key strength of Anuga FoodTec is the cross-sectoral strategy of the trade fair, which covers virtually the entire food and beverage production sector and allows a progress-oriented perspective. This stand-alone feature of the fair is clearly reflected in the technical programme and in the form of the participating partners. Multiple approaches to solutions for the individual sectors, cross-sectoral technology transfer, an international technical programme and the international networking with the very wide range of experts in the international food industry are good reasons for visiting Anuga FoodTec 2018.

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