aQuellé celebrates 25 years of joy 

As aQuellé commemorates its 25th anniversary it marks a significant milestone, acknowledging twenty-five years of refreshing households across Mzansi.

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This year, aQuellé celebrates with a distinct Limited Edition aluminium bottle.

Gratitude in every drop 
The specially designed aluminium bottle highlights the natural purity of their spring water source. Not merely a container, but a symbol of appreciation for everyone who has been part of their journey. This Limited Edition bottle signifies more than a celebration, it’s a commitment to spreading joy.

Celebrating 25 years  

aQuellé’s journey began in a modest 360m2 space. Through dedicated efforts, they have achieved substantial success, presently managing three cutting-edge bottling facilities totalling over 50,000m2. aQuellé has grown to be South Africa’s no. 1 water brand, thanks to God’s wondrous grace and Mzansi’s incredible support.

Giving back 
aQuellé’s dedication to communities and sustainability shines through their Limited Edition aluminium bottle. Each bottle purchased contributes to water security in needy communities and will see 25 water tanks installed all over South Africa. aQuellé is committed to making a tangible difference where it is needed most, including various community up upliftment programs such as “Together let’s beat Diabetes” and “aQuellé Khula Clean ups” around the country.

aQuellé’s Journey 
aQuellé gives God all the glory for reaching this milestone. They consider His grace to have carried them through all these years, constantly inspiring them to continue their mission of spreading joy and refreshment to South Africans.


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