ASSA ABLOY door closers: Ensuring safety, convenience and efficiency

ASSA ABLOY’s door closer range caters to diverse applications, from interior to exterior doors, regardless of the material. (Image: Supplied)

In the intricate world of building design, door closers play a crucial role that often goes unnoticed. These devices silently contribute to the security, comfort and accessibility of a space. ASSA ABLOY, a global leader in innovative door solutions, offers a comprehensive range of door closers designed to meet the diverse needs of buildings worldwide.

History, innovation and expertise

With a rich history of innovation and a global presence in over 150 countries, ASSA ABLOY has established itself as a trusted provider of door solutions. Its door closers are the result of advanced engineering and rigorous testing, ensuring reliability, compliance with fire door and relevant EN standards, and resistance to corrosion and wear.

Versatility for any application

ASSA ABLOY’s door closer range caters to diverse applications, from interior to exterior doors, regardless of the material. The company understands the unique demands of different doors, addressing variables such as closing force, climate resistance, and integration with cutting-edge security systems. Whether silently closing interior doors or braving extreme weather conditions at building entrances, ASSA ABLOY has a door closer to suit every need.

Safety and convenience through innovative technologies

ASSA ABLOY door closers come equipped with innovative technologies that prioritise safety and convenience. Cam-Motion technology ensures smooth and effortless door operation, reducing the opening force and complying with fire and smoke protection regulations. Free-Motion door closers, combining Cam-Motion with a free-swing function, eliminate mobility barriers, making them ideal for hospitals, schools and care homes. Close-Motion door closers, with advanced damping functions, ensure doors close quietly and securely.

Design and specification excellence

In addition to performance, ASSA ABLOY door closers boast award-winning design features characterised by clean lines, chamfered edges, and colour harmony. The aesthetic consistency of the portfolio, suitable for single or double doors, enhances the overall appeal of interiors.

Compliance with standards

ASSA ABLOY takes the guesswork out of certification concerns. The entire door closer range meets the stringent requirements for fire and smoke protection, certified in compliance with EN 1154, EN 1155, or EN 1158. The Cam-Motion door closers fulfil barrier-free building requirements, and their Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is third-party verified according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804.

Installation and maintenance efficiency

ASSA ABLOY door closers are designed for efficient installation and minimal maintenance. The symmetric cam design allows flexibility in mounting positions, and features like grooved spindles and Torx screws ensure durability and ease of adjustment. Front-facing valves make setting latch and closing speeds simple, and backcheck functionality minimises the need for frequent maintenance.

Future-proof solutions

An ASSA ABLOY door closer is a genuinely future-proof solution. With a universal concealed mounting plate and consistent fixing positions, upgrading or altering door closers is easy without damaging doors or frames. This consistency also benefits stockists, ensuring spare parts are readily available.

In conclusion, ASSA ABLOY‘s door closer range goes beyond mere functionality. It combines innovation, design and efficiency to provide a comprehensive solution that enhances the safety, convenience and aesthetic appeal of any building.

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