Are you aware of your locks’ level of security?

Not all locks provide the same level of security. The lock on your front door will need to be of higher security compared to your internal door locks. The extent to which you are protected depends on the type of lock you are using. It is always important to install the right lock for the right door to ensure effective security all around your house.

Lever Locks

The lock you have on your door is probably a lever lock or a cylinder lock. Both these locks offer different security levels. Lever locks are supplied in a number of variants – 2 lever, 3 lever, 4 lever and even 5 lever. All these lever locks range from low to high security.

A 2 lever lock offers key differs between 18 and 20. This means that lock manufacturers make 20 different keys before they can start the process to duplicate the same 20 keys. Less key differs increase the risk of possible key duplicates that may be nearby – think of a townhouse complex with 100 homes, if the builders used 2 lever locks on the front door, every fifth house would use the same key! Also, the fewer the levers, the lower the security as the lock might be easier to pick.

A 2 lever lock will be most suitable for your internal doors such as bathroom and bedroom doors, where high security is not a priority. A 5 lever lock will offer about 500 key differs, which decreases the probability of a duplicate key being nearby. 5 lever locks are good for your external doors such as front doors and gates. The 5 Lever Mortice Lock from Yale offers 500 key differs and features an anti-saw deadbolt with hardened roller pins. This lock is SABS approved and is good for your external doors.

Cylinder Locks

cylinder lock

Cylinder locks, however, offer even higher security compared to a 5 lever lock. A standard cylinder lock offers more than 3 000 key differs. A master-keyed cylinder offers up to 10 000. This makes it highly unlikely to have a key nearby that would open your lock. With the way a cylinder lock is built, it’s harder to pick the lock as the keyhole is made to only fit the key. This leaves no space around the key to try and pick it. For more flexibility, you can install a cylinder lock on your front door and install lever locks on your internal doors. With cylinder locks, there is also an option of a patented cylinder which can only be duplicated for the rightful owner. The keys to a patented cylinder can only be duplicated from authorised partners, and upon presentation of your unique pin code.

The CY110 patented cylinder from ASSA ABLOY is made to resist drilling for up to 5 minutes. This cylinder is equipped with anti-bump and anti-pick security features to ensure that no one can pick the lock. The lock offers a 10-year guarantee, assuring you of durability and high quality. This cylinder lock is suitable for your home, office and schools where security is highly imperative.

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