Optimising your entrance solutions

Do you remember the last time you passed through an automatic entrance? You did not notice since the very idea of automatic doors is to allow you to keep walking, uninterrupted. An important part of your business flow, they make life more convenient, while increasing safety and efficiency and allowing for more sustainable buildings.

Family of four walking through automatic entrance system.

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems has taken entrance automation to heart. At the core of our company lies a broad and deep experience, with a wealth of expertise and a strong history of proven solutions for all kinds of automatic entrances. With us, you can enjoy the strength of a global supplier combined with the convenience of local support. As your dedicated partner for entrance solutions, we support you all the way – from design and installation to maintenance and modernisation.

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  • Minimise energy loss, improve indoor air quality, increase daylight, control air circulation, and optimise the overall energy performance of any building
  • Optimise workflow, convenience, and accessibility
  • Keep compliant with safety, security, and environmental regulations
  • Modernise your entrance to meet current requirements
  • Enjoy service and maintenance, contributing to energy savings, security, and safety in the future

The global leader in access solutions

ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in access solutions and a market leader in most of Africa, Europe, North America, South America, China, and Oceania. 

ASSA ABLOY was formed in 1994 through the merger of ASSA in Sweden and ABLOY in Finland. Since then, ASSA ABLOY has grown from a regional company to an international group with 49,000 employees and annual sales of EUR 8.9 billion. 

ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in access solutions and offers mechanical and electromechanical locks, digital door locks, security doors, entrance automation, hotel security, and secure identity solutions, primarily in identity and access management, as well as several other related products and services. 

Using the latest technologies and tried-and-tested techniques, we are constantly developing innovative solutions that improve our customers’ lives through greater security, safety, and convenience. 

Who we are 

ASSA ABLOY’s ironmongery, electromechanical and digital products and solutions are used in a range of markets including smart homes, commercial buildings, healthcare, and specialist segments like consumer security, identification technology for non-security applications, and intrusion detection solutions.  

A recent acquisition has gained ASSA ABLOY expertise in intrusion detection for both the residential and commercial markets.  

The ASSA ABLOY business focuses on these key areas:  

  1. Mechanical locks and hardware  
  1. Electromechanical and electronic locks  
  1. Access control and electronic key issuance  
  1. Automatic door solutions  
  1. Key and asset management  
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