Baker Baynes Celebrates 'Extraordinary Women in BIM'

Baker Baynes, supported by Autodesk, proudly launched the ‘Extraordinary Woman in BIM’ Nomination Campaign to celebrate South African female professionals during Woman’s Month in August, who are revolutionising Building Information Modelling (BIM). The initiative aims to honour women shaping the future of architecture, engineering, and construction through digital transformation. BIM has redefined these industries, and these exceptional women deserve recognition for their outstanding contributions.

The industry nominated individuals who embody the core attributes of change and innovation in BIM and Digital Construction. These women have not only embarked on their unique BIM journeys but also inspired others to embrace and thrive in this field.

An esteemed panel of judges, featuring Anien Nauta, Senior BIM Model Coordination Manager at AECOM; Dr. Calayde Davey, BIM Visionary and Senior Lecturer at the University of Pretoria; Jani Viljoen, BIM Counsellor and Professional Services Director at Baker Baynes; and Lilanie Lotter, BIM Manager at CAPEX Projects, rigorously assessed the nominees based on their BIM expertise and ability to inspire.

Winner Announcement: Shameemah Davids – ‘Extraordinary Woman in BIM’ 2023

We are delighted to announce Shameemah Davids as the “Extraordinary Woman in BIM” for 2023. Her journey embodies resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to her craft. Shameemah’s human-centric approach to technology has not only propelled her career but also made her an inspiration to countless industry peers.

Shameemah Davids isn’t just a remarkable professional; she’s the epitome of Digital Transformation in BIM in South Africa. Leveraging a multitude of cloud-based technology platforms, including Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), she has fostered global collaboration while being based in South Africa.

Recognising Emerging Talent: The Birth of a New Category

During the campaign, the judges uncovered another trailblazer. Michelle Lawrence received the accolade of ‘Emerging Extraordinary Woman in BIM.’ Her incredible journey spans eight years in civil engineering, encompassing underground service networks, roads, earthworks, and stormwater management. Michelle’s fervour for working smarter, not harder, led her to explore cutting-edge technologies like Dynamo scripts for Revit and Civil3D integrations, bridging the BIM gaps between Civil and Architectural disciplines.

A Journey of Recognition and Celebration

Baker Baynes remains committed to acknowledging vital voices in BIM, celebrating both current and up-and-coming female professionals who lead the way in this transformative field. The ‘Extraordinary Woman in BIM Nomination Campaign’ was just the start. The initiative will persist in identifying, honouring, and celebrating trailblazers who push the boundaries of what’s possible with BIM. They continue to inspire a new generation of professionals, instilling in them the enthusiasm and dedication to embrace digital transformation wholeheartedly. Stay tuned as we share more on these remarkable women and others making waves in BIM – their journeys have just begun, and their impact knows no bounds.

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