Garden in confined spaces

Gardening in urban areas, townhouse terraces and balconies is fast becoming a trend in city centres. 

More and more people are being drawn to urban living and we can bear witness to beautiful private green spaces in balconies and terraces. 

Gardena has created a CityGardening range of products that easily functions in confined spaces. This range is created with the passionate gardeners in mind and the challenges faced when there is limited space and resources. 

The following kits have been developed by Gardena to make it easy to handle planting, loosening of soil and replanting for all passionate gardeners that challenge limited gardening spaces. 

BALCONY BOX 8970-20 

This kit consists of essential gardening tools presented in a storage box which also serves as a dust scoop. Conveniently mounts onto a wall for easy access. 


Multi-functional jug for watering and shovelling soil. Premium quality hand tool, secateurs and gardening glove. Store tools in the jug for convenience. 



7.5metre spiral hose with integrated hose mount 

which comes with fittings 

and a spray nozzle.


Available in Small (505-20) / Medium 

(506-20) and Large (507-20) 

Water repellent tarpaulin mat with press studs on its sides. Ideal to use when potting and repotting on balconies and terraces. Any soil and plant clippings can be disposed of easily. Comes with handles for easy transportation of debris. 

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