BASF and Poietis sign new agreement on 3D bioprinting technology

BASF-logoTwo years after concluding an agreement on research and development in cosmetics, BASF and Poietis announced the signature of a framework agreement on further development and services in the field of 3D bioprinting technology. The main goal is to further improve the 3D laser-assisted bioprinted skin models that have been co-developed since 2015 to evaluate cosmetic ingredients for skin care applications.

The 3D laser-assisted bioprinting technology, by which organic tissues can be reproduced, allows a precise positioning of skin cells in three-dimensional structures. Thus, it is now possible to produce fully printed skin equivalents in only two weeks to further study active ingredients effectiveness. ‘Bio-printed 3D models are the method of choice for the predictive evaluation of ingredients as these models reproduce the cell environment in vitro by having mechanical and metabolic functionalities close to the vivo’, explains Fabien Guillemot, founder and president of Poietis.

‘During our cooperation, we gained important insights like the parameters and kinetics of dermis maturation. A mature and thick dermis is an essential condition to obtain optimum results in epidermal printing,’ says Sebastien Cadau, responsible for tissue engineering development at BASF. In a first step the new technology has been used to allow an automated reproduction of BASF’s skin model MimeskinTM, which is one of the closest equivalents to the original physiological tissue of human skin. ‘In a second step, we now want to jointly improve the skin models by increasing structure complexity and adding new cell types.’

In the coming years, BASF intends to develop and market several active ingredients for cosmetic products that harness the findings of the collaboration. At this year’s Cosmetagora, DermagenistTM led the way being BASF’s first active ingredient whose efficacy has been confirmed by using laser-assisted bioprinted skin models.

‘This agreement confirms a fruitful scientific collaboration and strengthens our partnership with the leading ingredients manufacturer for the personal care market. This is a formal recognition of Poietis’ unique technology and its valorization driven by new developments since the creation of the company,’ emphasised Bruno Brisson, Poietis co-founder and vice president Business Development.

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