Cosmetic ingredients site obtains GMP certification

On 5 February BASF announced it had obtained Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification for cosmetic ingredients for its largest production site worldwide, in Dusseldorf-Holthausen. This was awarded in line with the requirements of the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients (EFfCI).

The certification confirms that strict guidelines for product quality and industrial hygiene requirements are followed here during the manufacturing process. Eleven BASF sites where cosmetic ingredients are manufactured currently have a similar certificate. By 2018, the company strives to have GMP certification for all relevant production sites for cosmetic ingredients worldwide.

Senior VP of the Personal Care Europe division, Jan-Peter Sander says: ‘Nowadays, more than ever, consumers expect that their personal care products include high quality and safe cosmetic ingredients. Our customers, cosmetics manufacturers, are faced with the challenge to prove that they meet these requirements. GMP certification confirms the high production standards and the excellent quality of cosmetic ingredients produced at our Dusseldorf-Holthausen site.’ 

The GMP guidelines for cosmetic ingredients provide important guidance for manufacturers seeking consistently high quality standards. The standards are established and regularly refined by the EFfCI – a European industry association that was founded in 2000 and represents the collective interests of more than 100 manufacturers of cosmetic ingredients in Europe.

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