Bdh Prolabo: The Chemical Brand From Vwr

Moving into the future


The requirements and regulations faced by companies and research institutions purchasing chemicals and reagents today are higher than ever before.  VWR can help, and offers a range of chemicals and reagents that meet the highest compliance requirements for production, analysis and packaging.


Use VWR’s web search facilities or the recently published catalogue, which is available from Monitoring and Control Laboratories in South Africa, to find out more about:


  • HiPerSolvâ CHROMANORMâ high purity solvents for HPLC, including LC-MS grades
  • PESTINORMâ capillary GC solvents with low levels of organic and halogenated derivatives for trace analysis
  • NORMATONâ high purity acids with trace metals measured at the ppt level
  • Over 250 ready-to-use Reag. Ph. Eur. articles for pharmacopoeia raw material testing
  • An extended range of conductivity measurement standards
  • Alternative solvents to consider for organic synthesis when you need to consider the sustainability credentials of your work – look for 2-Methyl Tetrahydrofuran, Rhodiasolvâ Iris, N,N’ Dimethylpropylene urea (DMPU), 1,3-Propane-diol and 1,3 Dioxolan
  • More reagents for use in molecular biology
  • New ‘Histopots’ containing formalin buffer for cell diagnostic sample preparation in a range of sizes
  • Deuterated solvents in a range of purities and formats
  • A range of RTU microbiology media.



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