Beauty Pearls for a sensorial skincare experience

Pearls are a sign of elegance and emotion. In beauty, they can elevate the skincare routine and offer a unique sensorial and visual experience. Beauty pearls can differ in properties, application and sensory benefits because of the inclusion of functional and texturising ingredients.

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Powders, emollients, oils, active ingredients – the Solabia Group’s research team has developed its expertise in pearl technology to offer skin care formulators a variety of possibilities in this category.

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Consumers are looking for well-being by taking time for themselves. Cosmetics, including beauty pearls, meet this quest for pleasure. Through their delicate formula, symbol of femininity and elegance, they bring an emotional dimension to beauty rituals and offer a unique sensory experience to the consumer.

An in vivo study has also demonstrated that emotions are generated through the discovery and use of beauty pearls (versus a placebo).

Beauty Pearls by Solabia reinvent cosmetic routines and develop new self-care rituals that combine pleasure and innovation. They promise an infinite variation of formulas for fresh sensory and visual perceptions. Skin, body and hair care, or even hygiene formats, these Beauty Pearls can be adapted to a wide range of galenic formulations and applications, following the recommended pearl technology.

Solabia offers three technologies using high-precision macro-inclusion:

1. Algi’Pearls, the first-generation pearl technology, are calcium alginate beauty pearls. Perfectly replicable in shape and size, calcium alginate gives a beautiful 3D architecture to pearls. Algi’Pearls are used for the inclusion of active ingredients.

2. Emul’Spheres® is an oil-rich pearl technology, which incorporates an emulsifier-free emulsion into the alginate pearl. The addition of a natural gelling agent allows for the

inclusion of lipophilic ingredients, giving a softer richer pearl that is more comfortable to use.

3. The Fuse Pearl technology combines agar-agar and calcium alginate to form a complex inclusion matrix. This association of polysaccharides delivers a pearl that melts on skin upon application, yet the stability and compatibility in a formulation are stronger. Solabia’s new standard pearls, SolaSMART® Fuse, use this amazing technology.

Total well-being from head to toe

More than precious pearls, SolaSMART Fuse offers a holistic sensorial and well-being experience and goes beyond the beauty routine to a new skin-body-hair-mind Wellcare® dimension.

These pearls are enriched with Fucogel® Powder, a fucose-rich polysaccharide obtained by bacterial fermentation from a non-GMO vegetable substrate. Recognised for over 30 years as a universal and multifunctional reference in cosmetic industry, Fucogel Powder has key active and sensory properties to access skin well-being easily and quickly. It is distinguished for its diverse performance attributes: short-term soothing; moisturising; anti-ageing; restructuring; and a touching agent. In this way, SolaSMART Fuse has the power to blend efficiency, sensoriality and emotion in one application.

Traditionally cosmetic pearls are found in serums, suspended in aqueous gel, which could be customised by adding plant extracts and active ingredients etc. The various elements of the serum merged, when pumped, into one fresh, soft, silky gel.

With SolaSMART Fuse, so many variations of formulas are possible to reinvent beauty routines. You can use them in bi-phase lotions, which need to be shaken to re-suspend the pearls; micellar cleansing gels; emulsions for a more cocooning effect; exfoliants; masks; and they can even be added to a cream just before application to enrich its effect. Disintegrating at the pressure of the pump or crushed under the fingers while massaging the skin, SolaSMART Fuse pearls offer almost endless possibilities of creation to highlight a concept or claims, and to develop a unique product.

Beauty Pearls by Solabia are available in South Africa from Vantage. Send an email to [email protected] for more information.

Vantage banner ad Solasmart Fuse PCR October

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