Explore new avenues in cosmetics development

The future of cosmetics developmentDatamonitor Consumer has released a white paper entitled Snapshot: Beauty Trends to Watch in 2015. It offers insight into the top six trends analysts believe have the potential to boom this year. Detailing promising opportunities, the document includes unique product examples, consumer survey data and interesting routes to innovation to inspire product development in the months to come.

The following topics are discussed: 

  • Smarter skin care, which looks at the expansion of devices with more complex functions. For example cellphone-based diagnostics devices are growing in popularity, particularly those that pre-empt skin conditions and promote long-term skin health and appearance.
  • Photo-ready cosmetics, which are built on the selfie culture and rise of social media, emphasises the direct impact the internet has on colour cosmetics development. Cosmetics designed to improve one’s appearance for impromptu photo occasions are highlighted here.
  • Hair-ceuticals and beyond investigates advancements in various categories that go beyond the cleanse-and-care regime. Here products that claim to improve, enhance and even cure imperfections are highlighted, as well as ways in which to capitalise on this trend.
  • Perfumes plus looks at the rise of fragrances with enhanced beauty benefits. For example multifunctional fragrances not only make consumers smell good but also offer anti-ageing, primer or illumination properties for the skin. Interesting insight is provided into how brands can also harness the spray-on application of fragrances.
  • Bi-directional beauty underlines the trend to enhance beauty from within. Looking at the combination of nutricosmetics and cosmeceuticals, complete beauty solutions are suggested as the way forward to appeal to the efficacy-driven beauty needs of today’s consumers.
  • Personalisation gets personal is centered on DNA-based customisation in the cosmetics industry where products are tailored using individual DNA samples and analysis. This will see consumers accessing completely customised beauty solutions specifically formulated to respond to their individual needs.

For more information on these exciting prospects set to influence future innovations in personal care and cosmetics, view Datamonitor Consumer’s white paper in full by clicking here.

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