Better and better

Vermont-Sales-open-day-1Vermont Sales’ annual Open Day in Johannesburg continues to improve not only with its offering but also through growing attendance figures.

In retail it is not uncommon to find consumers standing in queues outside establishments waiting for stores to open. But in the wholesale business long queues is something that simply does not happen However, Vermont Sales’ staff were surprised to see a long queue waiting for the doors to open at 8am – a rare sight indeed.

The incredible deals were the highlight of the event, but the company also flew nine international product managers from all over the globe to attend the event and some familiar faces made a return.

The benefit to retailers was ‘one-on-one’ face time with experts to fully understand the products on offer. These are the key products:


NES thread repair tools is a complete line of tools specially designed to repair any defect thread, internal and external. The company’s patented tools are universal in diameter and are pitched to give the user a comfortable, easy to use, fast and a cost effective solution.


Diamond Machining Technology (DMT), sharpening tools are recognised worldwide for product quality, performance and customer service since 1976.


In 1950 Felo Werkzeugfabrik opened its door for business in Neustadt (Hessen). Driven by innovative power, quality consciousness and enthusiasm, the company grew from humble beginnings with two employees into one of the leading manufacturers of screwdrivers and bits.


Kreg Tool Company is a leader in pocket-hole technology. From Kreg Jigs® to fully-automatic machines, the company offers simple solutions that have changed the way thousands of woodworkers join wood. Kreg offers other innovative tools for clamping, joining, routing, cutting and measuring, and more.


Bessey needs no introduction to professionals. With 120 years of history behind the company, Besset behaves and works to the guiding principles set out by Max Bessey, founder of the company.


Vermont Sales is the official partner of German company Festool in Southern Africa. Renowned for manufacturing power tools suitable for the toughest demands, the brand has earned many prestigious awards for design and innovation. This a trusted and quality product among many craftsmen around the world.


Magswitch is a magnetic solution for lifting equipment and to function as a work-aid for efficient workplaces. With a whole new level of easy on off control over strong permanent magnets, Magswitch offers a combination of efficiency and enduring strength. It’s not often that a technology change this significant, yet simple and practical, comes along. As with all new evolutions in technology, the early adapters gain the greatest advantage.


All Alpen drill bits are produced in Austria in the most up-to-date plants to the highest quality standards under the strictest quality controls. Alpen demands the same of its production as they do for their tools – it must be efficient, economical and be state-of-the-art. In order to ensure their high quality standards they keep the entire manufacturing process in-house.


  • 2 Days – dedicated to the Open Day
  • 9 International Product Managers were invited to the show by Vermont
  • 30 Years Vermont Sales has been operational
  • 54 Sales Representatives at the Show
  • 500+ Retailers which attended the event
  • 12 000 Line Items listed on Rapid Trade
  • 14 000 Line Items on display

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