BioLector® I

UNITED SCI - BIOLECTORThe BioLector® I is the first bench top micro-fermentation system to perform high-throughput fermentations together with online monitoring of the most common fermentation parameters (biomass, pH, DO and fluorescent molecules).

The system is based on a standard microtiter plate format and operates with non-invasive, optical sensors. Due to the continuous and rigorous shaking during the optical measurements and over the whole experimental time it is ideally suited for aerobic and anaerobic cultures. For the first time, real time culture monitoring at a massive parallel scale becomes possible.

The BioLector® can run 48 fermentations in parallel, while measuring up to six parameters at a time including biomass, pH, dissolved oxygen and fluorescence such as proteins or dyes. With the use of our anaerobic cultivation chamber, the 48-well plate can be prepared in an anaerobic hood, transported to the BioLector® and cultivated all while remaining completely anaerobic. The 48-well plate is sealed into the chamber for transport and a low flow of nitrogen blankets the small chamber headspace during cultivation.


  • Cell line and strain screening
  • Media screening and optimisation
  • Fermentation parameter optimisation
  • Anaerobic and microaerophilic fermentations
  • Synthetic and systems biology
  • Statistical design of experiments (DoE)
  • Growth characterisation
  • Protein building kinetics
  • High-throughput protein expression
  • Enzyme and cell activity tests
  • Functional genomics
  • Proteomic studies
  • Inhibition and toxicity tests
  • Quality control


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