BioMedical Emporium introduces a game changer in skincare

By Abby Vorster

On 11 December, at a glamorous citrus themed event in Pretoria, Gauteng, BioMedical Emporium launched its Vitamin C Concentrate to brighten skin and protect skin’s immunity.

Consumer are hungry for more information on how to include vitamin C in their skincare routines. This popular ingredient is having its moment in skincare with the vitamin C serum boom.

Tuned into market demands, BioMedical Emporium has just launched its own Vitamin C Concentrate to brighten skin and protect skin’s immunity. This highly effective skincare serum is produced in Biomedical Emporium’s cleanroom manufacturing facility, which is licensed by the South African Health Products Authority, SAHPRA.

Compliance is primary driver of this South African biotechnology company, which specialises in the formulation of advanced biological products and treatments for a wide range of skin concerns.

Dr Judey Pretorius launches BioMedical Emporium’s Vitamin C Concentrate

A gentle yet effective formulation

The Vitamin C Concentrate is an ideal pre-treatment for semi-invasive procedures. It is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin while effectively producing desirable results. It also helps to prevent inflammation. The scientifically formulated dry oil formula promises to revitalise, hydrate and brighten skin by addressing dark marks and pigmentation concerns.

With over 300 products in its stable, BioMedical Emporium offers something for everyone in the skincare space. The company also has a strong position in wound care, where it first started many years ago. The business is the brainchild of Dr Judey Pretorius, who is a highly accomplished biomedical scientist and product development specialist.

Visit the BioMedical Emporium website for more information on its range of products.

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