Biotechnology Division of Mintek expands its capacity with a Metrohm OMNIS titrator

Romola Issari and Reinhardt Weideman (engineer in training)

Under strain from a near-stagnant economy and on-going challenges, South Africa’s mining sector is under immense pressure to develop new strategies for greater productivity. MINTEK, a global leader in mineral and metallurgical innovation, recently expanded its Biotechnology Division by investing in a Metrohm OMNIS titrator.

The division offers a full range of services for the evaluation and commercial implementation of bioleaching processes and has developed a biological process for the treatment of acid-mine drainage. Accurate and reliable chemical analysis plays a crucial role for the research and ongoing monitoring of the process, hence the decision to invest in the top-of-the -range Metrohm OMNIS titrator for the accurate and reliable determination of Sulphide.

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