Bonitas wins two awards

By Janice Roberts
Dr Ramasia of Bonitas

Dr Ramasia of Bonitas

Last week at the 17th annual Board of Healthcare Funders conference held in Cape Town, Bonitas Medical Fund (Bonitas) was awarded the ‘Service to membership – Open Medical Schemes’ Titanium Award, which benchmarks excellence in the industry.

The aim of the Awards is to the improve the quality of health services, create a platform that unites the healthcare industry, demonstrate best practice and recognise best practice in action with an emphasis on initiatives that are sustainable, holistic and responsible.

Closely following this award was the announcement of Bonitas being the winner of the Medical Aids category in the 2016/2017 Icon Brands Survey, run by The Target Group Index (TGI).

The Ask Africa Icon Brands Survey polls people across all age, income, race and language spectrums to recognise and rate the brands which are used and loved by South Africans. It is the largest survey in South Africa and 15 107 consumers were interviewed, representing over 24 million adult South African consumers.

The awards confirm Bonitas commitment to acting in the best interest of its members at all times to deliver quality and affordable healthcare.

‘As a proudly South African brand that has been around for over 34 years and the 2nd largest open medical scheme in the country, we were thrilled to have received these Awards. One from the industry and the other by consumers,’ says Dr Bobby Ramasia, Principal Officer of Bonitas. ‘We have always been proud of the relationship with our members and the Titanium Award recognises this. As for scoring the highest overall score in the Financial Medical Aid category and considering these are calculated on different metrics, including brand awareness, we know we are delivering on our promise of making quality healthcare more affordable and accessible.’

Bonitas recently launched a new advertising campaign which highlights the fact that they offer medical aid as it should be and gives people what they pay for. This campaign will continue to reinforce the brand’s presence in the healthcare market.’



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