Boost your preservative toolbox with Sharon Laboratories

By Abby Vorster

Join Sharon Laboratories at in-cosmetics Virtual, taking place from 6 to 8 October, to learn more about changing demands in the world of preservation, particularly when it comes sensitive skin.  

On Tuesday 6 October at 13:00 PM (CET), Naama Eylon, VP personal care at Sharon Laboratories will lead a session during in-cosmetics Virtual, entitled Face Forward: preservation for sensitive skin in facial care & colour cosmetics

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Sharon Laboratories is developing new options of preservatives

“Our technical seminar at in-cosmetics Virtual will be about preservation solutions for facial care and sensitive skin applications, meeting clean beauty standards,” Eylon explains. “We will share how recent trends as well as the impact of COVID-19 have changed preservation needs, showing cosmetic manufacturers how to address them with new options and demonstrating them in a range of applications.”  

Naama Eylon, VP personal care at Sharon Laboratories
Naama Eylon, VP personal care at Sharon Laboratories

Carefully navigate safety needs 

Join Eylon to learn more about important considerations when choosing a preservative system for applications such as cleansers, facial moisturisers, colour cosmetics – a segment she believes most preservative suppliers do not address. Eylon will also cover preservation of natural formulations.  

“Understanding the level of use of a preservative is a key to solving many of the hurdles when formulating natural applications,” she adds. “With this webinar, you will be able to add a few new solutions to your preservative toolbox which can help you navigate between the need for product safety and skin safety, focusing on high-efficacy, low level of use systems, clinically tested for sensitive areas, as well as natural solutions for natural formulations.”   

As one solution can never fit all, Eylon says this session will be similar to a ‘tasting menu’ – touching briefly on important topics while inviting attendees to delve deeper, depending on their needs and applications. 

A real need in the face care category  

According to Eylon, sensitive skin is among the top concerns of consumers and formulators when it comes to facial applications. And it has increased considerably since COVID-19, due to repeated cleansing as well as stress, which is adding to cases of skin irritation. 

The rising demand for more sensitive skin care solutions is closely connected to clean beauty – one of the leading industry trends that calls for transparency of ingredients, increased product safety and an understanding of the impact ingredients have on consumers health and wellness. 

As a result of these trends, Eylon says the preservation world is changing.  

She explains: “Some classic options are now out of favour, while other milder solutions are sometimes too weak to provide full broad-spectrum protection. Formulators feel they have simply fewer options to choose from.”  

Sharon Laboratories is bringing new options, which meet the demand for clean beauty and free-from claims, without compromising on efficacy, formulation compatibility and gentleness on the skin. These preservative systems are available in South Africa from CJP Chemicals.   

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