The power tool brand, Worx is now on exhibition at Vermont Sales’s exhibition centre.

Last year, Vermont Sales opened a new exhibition centre that allowed retailers to see what the company offers, with all of their brands on display. Until 20 May, Vermont’s flagship power tool brand, Worx is occupying the exhibition space in what Vermont describes as its most impressive exhibition to date. 

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“Nothing has been left out of this Worx Exhibition, and we are pulling out all the stops for this exhibition. It includes the latest power tools for garden and workshop – and this is one of the largest shows for one brand ever to be displayed,” said Ryan Hunt director Vermont Sales, the official importers and distributors in Southern Africa. 

As you enter the exhibition centre you will be greeted by a large inflatable of the Worx flagship power tool, the Slammer drill. The garden outside is used to showcase the many new and current cordless garden products. 

All the tool stands are in one room, just as you can display them in your store. 

This makes it easy for retailers to visualise the store concepts available to them. Demonstrations are held in another exhibition room. Visitors get a chance to try out each of the tools in the range. This gives you a better understanding of what you are selling in-store. 

This exhibition is divided into a power tool section, garden tools and a battery station from where you can pick a power source before trying out the tools. “The concept is the clients will walk in and grab one battery, making their way around the exhibition, where they can try out all the tools. This is to illustrate the battery share concept of one battery fits all. We want clients to experience why Worx is an amazing brand and get across the unique feel, touch and performance,” said Hunt. 

The new tool range of power tools on show will be the Slammer Drill, the AI Drill, Mitre Saw, the Sandeck, the Axis and the Exactract. 

Garden Tools that will be featured in the award-winning Hydroshot: inside a Perspex box to play and evaluate the pressures, and the Leafjet, also inside a Perspex box to test the power. Other winners on display are the JawSaw, the multiple unique Aerocart and the Pruning Saw and Pole saws. 

“A new addition to the show will be the evening events by appointment. The purpose of these events is to get clients to come through with a team, spend the evening with the Vermont team, building projects using the Worx tools. The idea is to help clients better understand the range that they are putting into their stores and give their teams the experience and know-how they need to sell the products. This will be followed with a dinner and briefing from the sales team,” said Hunt. 

The Worx exhibition is free and open to all trade and retail customers. To book your time for your team contact Julian Pillay. 

The power tool brand Worx is now on exhibition at Vermont Sale's centre.

For more information, Call: 011-314-7711 | Email: [email protected] 


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