Innovative acid solutions

From maintaining superior flavour to ensuring long-lasting stability, Corbion’s buffered acids and blends are addressing common challenges in sugar confectionery, delivering optimal acidification, intensified flavour, and prevention of sugar inversion for high-quality gummies and hard-boiled candies.

Corbion’s acid offerings

While combining acids can help create distinct flavour profiles (see Figure 1), doing so can often compromise product stability in end-use applications. To address this challenge, Corbion has developed a range of confectionery solutions based on lactic acid that allow confectioners to create products with both superior flavour and longer-lasting stability. Manufacturers challenged to achieve an enticing flavour experience without sacrificing the stability needed for longer-lasting shelf life can find solutions in the portfolio built by Corbion. The company has become adept at using its range of buffered acids, such as PURAC CLM 30 – a buffered blend of lactic acid, citric acid and malic acid – in hard-boiled and soft confectionery to achieve and maintain both targeted tastes and optimal gel firmness.

Common challenges in sugar confectionery

Makers of sugar confectionery often face challenges in delivering flavour while maintaining balanced acidity – a problem which frequently leads to sugar inversion and crystallisation (see Figure 2). By avoiding sugar inversion, Corbion’s buffered lactic acid derivatives prevent its undesirable effects, such as product stickiness, while achieving the sourness desired in hard-boiled candy.

Corbion’s acid offerings also help preserve the texture and eating quality of gummies by minimising gelatin degradation. These stable acidifiers maintain proper pH, prevent acid migration, and provide a superior flavour profile throughout the product’s shelf life, resulting in high-quality confectionery products.

Over time, Corbion’s technical teams have focused extensively on leveraging our buffered acids and buffered acid blends to help confectioners avoid sugar inversion while achieving uncompromising sourness. The company’s quality acid offerings also provide for lower moisture absorption, which makes it possible to prolong acidic taste profiles and prevent undesirable stickiness in confectionery products. These stable acidifiers help ensure the right pH is maintained, and that acid migration (which can lead to a loss of sourness over time) is kept low. The result: appealing texture and a superior flavour over the product’s shelf life, which is what higher-quality gummies and hard-boiled candies are made of.

In addition to its Sourness and Stability Calculator, an online tool that speeds the formulation process, Corbion uses its high-quality acidifiers to deliver difference-making benefits for confectioners:

  • Optimal acidification
  • Increased flavour intensity
  • Prevention of sugar inversion
  • Minimal gelatin degradation
  • Longer-lasting textural stability.



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