Bringing gardening dreams to life

As winter slowly comes to an end, it is time for consumers to prepare their Spring gardens. 

Whether big or small or even on a balcony, any garden brings abundant joy, especially in the spring. Here is what you can do in preparation for the upcoming spring season. 


Pruning shrubs and trees during the colder months reduces the risk of infection allowing the cuts enough time to heal. Using the right tools is vital. Choose tools with precision-ground, non-stick coated blades as they optimise cutting geometry and allow an easy and clean cut. This prevents damage to the plant and reduces infections. 


It is not possible to have a completely weed-free garden, however, removing them as they appear can help to control weeds in your garden. Most plants will have been resting during the winter months, making now the best time to spot those incessant weeds. The good quality weeding trowel makes it easy to remove weeds and their roots from the soil, ensuring that they do not grow back. 

Lawn treatment  

The winter months often turn gardens dry and brown, hence a lush green lawn always comes to mind when envisioning the rebirth of spring! “Scarifying” or raking your lawn will help to remove any dead growth and winter debris, bringing light and air to the soil level –encouraging a lush, green garden. Using a practical multi-purpose rake that is suited for raking, levelling, or working the soil makes it easy to manage the task at hand. Loosening the soil will also allow for those bare patches to reseed. 


Finally, you will want to ensure that you properly enrich the soil with the proper nutrients. During the summer your plants use up all the nutrients they need from the soil, it is essential to put back those missing nutrients for a healthy garden in the summer to come. A good all-purpose fertiliser is ideal for use in the entire garden, nourishing all types of plants. Now let us not forget that fertilisers also work together with compost! The organic matter in compost absorbs the nutrients within fertilisers and stores them until the plants need them. Using a high-quality fertiliser spreader will ensure that you have an even distribution of fertiliser or compost and that the lawn is not burnt by an accidental overdose. A proper fertiliser spreader takes away the frustration and heavy lifting required for this task.  

Soon, you should start experiencing and enjoying the return of colour and life to your garden.Don’t forget to keep your garden well-watered! Happy Gardening! 

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