Bringing Life To Newtown

Old Potato Shed in Newtown being transformed into steam punk inspired restaurant

Newtown’s Old Potato Shed

In what promises to be a game-changing urban development in downtown Johannesburg, Newtown’s Old Potato Shed is currently being transformed into an edgy ‘steam punk’ inspired restaurant, while the historic old Edwardian Gentlemen’s Washrooms are being remade as The Gentlemen’s Arthouse cocktail bar.

Historic old Edwardian Gentlemen’s Washrooms being remade as The Gentlemen’s Arthouse cocktail barThe development is the work of the award-winning architects at the LIFE Group of Companies and the opening of the new development is slated for November 2015.

There are multiple renovations currently taking place: The Potato Shed is set to become a luxury restaurant and craft brewery, located in the eponymous 1911 Potato Shed. Combining the raw and the refined, the eatery has been designed with an industrial steam punk feel that celebrates the icons of Newtown and the cultural Market Theatre district around Miriam Makeba Square. The edgy space will offer indoor and outdoor dining, creating the sense of an informal marketplace with an open kitchen, brewery and interactive dining area.

Green tiles in bathroom of old Gentlemans Washrooms in NewtownThe Gentlemen’s Arthouse transforms the historic washrooms into a boutique artisan cocktail bar, replete with cathedral-style windows and the original green-tiled urinals.

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