Bushtec Creations luxury tented structures in more detail

A closer look at the renowned Shaka luxury tent from Bushtec Safari, designers, manufacturers and suppliers of world-class luxury tents and tented developments.
The renowned Shaka luxury tent from Bushtec Safari.

Bushtec Creations creates authentic, world-class full turnkey luxury tented developments in partnership with Bushtec Safari. Bushtec Creations has its own inhouse design teams who, through passion and innovation, can design every detail of your tented dream from scratch, including each tent, an entire site layout and interior details of each tent. The Bushtec Creations team also does high-quality, realistic renders of each tent and site layout, in order to give clients a realistic visual and expectation of the end result. They also work closely with architects appointed by clients in some projects.

Bushtec Safari is renowned globally and have been designing, manufacturing and supplying tents for decades. Through experience and dedication, they strive to continuously improve their service and products beyond excellence.

A closer look at the renowned Shaka luxury tent from Bushtec Safari, designers, manufacturers and suppliers of world-class luxury tents and tented developments.

Delving into more detail, we can look at their renowned Shaka luxury tent as an example.


Bushtec Safari tented structures have up to four roof layers to optimise durability, ventilation and temperature. These layers include a shade net flysheet, PVC flysheet, canvas roof and an inner ceiling.


The canvas tent body is suspended from the steel frame using body poles and webbing straps.


A PVC mudflance fixes the canvas walls to the floor to seal and protect the tent from water and dust.


When it comes to windows, Bushtec Safari makes use of small, large or high windows with shade netting to enable ventilation and deter bugs as standard features. Outer canvas flaps are used to close windows during rainstorms. Window options also include glass windows.


High-quality Velcro and YKK zipper combinations ensure durability and easy maintenance on canvas doors. Innovative solutions allow for the perfect fitments of timber or aluminium hard doors.


Bushtec Safari makes use of the highest quality 550 gsm ripstop canvas for the full tent body to ensure durability. They offer a range of canvas colour options as well as insulated canvas bodies. In addition, the canvas also undergoes a colourfastening treatment to minimise colour fading over time.


All Bushtec Safari tents are UV-resistant, rot-proof, water resistant and as an optional extra can be made fire-retardant. Each tent can be engineered to meet project-specific wind and snow load building codes.


Bushtec Safari tents allow for additional features such as insulated canvas, heating systems and air-conditioning systems where required.


Choose between galvanised, powder-coated or stainless steel framing options.

RINGBEAMS, UPRIGHTS AND OUTRIGGER OPTIONS Bushtec Safari offers various options to customise your tent and clients can choose to have their frames in steel, gumpoles and laminated beams.

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