Protecting perimeters with a variety of fencing options

C AND J FENCING AFRICA are suppliers and installers of high quality, razor wire, welded mesh, game fencing and Clearview fencing solutions.

The company does customised gate fabrication, warehouse and permanent fencing, security fencing, electrical fencing and alarm systems.

Clearview fencing

C and J Fencing supplies and installs Clearview security fencing

An extremely high security fencing system that is also aesthetically pleasing because of the “see through” aspect. Clear View fencing (Clear Vu) is known as an anti-climb, anti-cut and CCTV optimised security barrier, and is currently one of the most attractive forms of security fencing systems available. Clearview’s distinctive, crisp and unobtrusive finish enhances the appearance of any facility. This high density mesh is always in stock and is ideal for residential, commercial and municipal projects. Clearview type fencing is predominantly used in fencing systems designed to bring maximum perimeter protection to a site without impeding visibility.

Considered the world’s most advanced fence, Clearview fencing offers the following benefits:

  • Protection of a wall in an invisible form,
  • highly transparent / unobtrusive,
  • difficult to cut,
  • 25 year life guarantee in normal environments,
  • defence rated 4 type fence,
  • and patent protected.

Razor wire fencing

Razor wire fencing in flat wrap and concertina wires installed by C and J Fencing

MeshRazor diamond mesh is also a high security crime barrier. The wire is very strong and difficult to cut. Available in 1,2m/ 1,8m/ 2,1m/ 2,4m heights. C and J Fencing installs various types of razor wire using fully galvanised brackets.

Razor wire is available in Flat wrap or Coil (Concertina). Flat wrap razor wire is available in 500 mm, 700 mm and 900 mm sizes. Coil razor wire is available in 450 mm, 730 mm and 980 mm.

Ripper Razor Wire or Razor Mesh are also options for maximum security benefits. Razor wire can be mounted onto most fencing products for additional security. Spikes are an additional security option for mounting on steel palisade or pre-cast concrete fences.

PVC diamond mesh fencing

Diamond mesh fences are an inexpensive way of marking off property boundaries

PVC diamond mesh is primarily used as a boundary fence for domestic and commercial applications. PVC mesh fencing is a strong and durable product you can rely on.

Diamond mesh is a type of metal wire mesh that is usually woven to form what is commonly known as chain link fencing. It is a relatively inexpensive method of creating a partition, and offers strength, durability and flexibility.

Also called rhombic wire mesh because of the shape of its gauges, diamond mesh is constructed out of linear wires that are linked together and form a series of diamond-shaped holes

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