Candies and desserts are the sweet new trend in bath products

Indulgent products inspired by dessert and candy fragrances are the latest trend in bath/shower and soap products.

Personal care brands are appealing to experimental shoppers and their sense of nostalgia, says data and analytics company GlobalData.

Love Hearts

Khalid Peerbaccus, senior researcher at GlobalData, comments, ‘‘We have recently seen soap and body wash products use fragrances inspired by Love Hearts, an English hard candy, and Parfait, a French dessert. These products will typically appeal to women looking to treat themselves to an indulgent shower time experience to wash away the stresses of the day. Using well-known nostalgic fragrances like Love Hearts creates a sensory experience that will increase consumer curiosity, appeal and product trial.’’

According to new research from GlobalData, these innovations could attract the attention of those 44% of female global shoppers who say that curiosity is the key motivating factor when choosing to try new and different fragrances.

Nivea Body wash Raspberry parfait
Recently in the USA, the Nivea Body Wash range features a new foaming body wash Raspberry Parfait variant, providing a ‘soft, silky skin’

Peerbaccus, continues, ‘‘Two new product innovations that caught our attention in Q1 2020 by capitalizing on these trends are the Nivea body wash from the US and the Cussons Carex hand gel from the UK.’’

Nivea body wash (US)

Recently in the USA, the Nivea Body Wash range features a new foaming body wash Raspberry Parfait variant, providing a ‘soft, silky skin’. This dessert-inspired fragrance should appeal to experiential shoppers seeking different fragrances and unique sensory experiences with GlobalData’s research confirming that 37% of shoppers in the USA like to experiment with new and unusual scents when choosing beauty/grooming products.

Cussons Carex hand gel (UK)

Cussons UK, has launched a unique Love Hearts hand gel variant in the UK incorporating the fragrance of Love Heart candy. The ‘Love Hearts’ confectionary brand has been a popular sweet treat for generations of UK shoppers and should appeal to their sentimental and nostalgic feelings with GlobalData research confirming that in the UK, 64% of shoppers admit unique products are somewhat or very appealing.


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