CCL Label South Africa presents sustainable decoration solutions

Although they might seem like a small part at first, labels and sleeve decoration are crucial for sorting and recycling. South Africa has introduced an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme, which applies to all companies importing or manufacturing plastic packaging for distribution.

CCL Label
CCL stand at Propak Africa

Many brands and initiatives like “The South Africa Plastics Pact”, led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, are taking action aiming for a circular economy for packaging through various measures like EPR schemes, recycled content targets for plastic packaging or bans.

At ProPak Africa 2022 CCL Label, a global packaging company with a new production site in Midrand, presented solutions that will support brands going more sustainable – whether through improved recyclability, PCR or bio-based contents.

CCL Label also provided advice on ‘Design for Recycling,’ which is key to create packaging that is both functional and enables its complete recycling after consumption. All kinds of different containers can be matched with a fitting label to ensure reuse or recycling.

As part of the show’s seminar programme head of sustainability and communication, Marika Knorr, spoke about recycling and re-usability of glass and PET with the help of a fitting product decoration.

She explained that labels or sleeves made of polyolefin material, such as our EcoStream and EcoFloat solutions, are ideal for efficient recycling as their lower density means they float up in the sorting and recycling process. This way, they separate cleanly from the heavier PET flakes that sink to the bottom. The single-variety separation results in the recovery of high-quality PET flakes, which in turn can be processed into new bottles. The cycle is closed.

For returnable glass bottles CCL has developed so-called WashOff labels designed to come off without leaving any residue on the bottles during the standard washing processes in the bottlers’ plants. The bottles can be refilled immediately.

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