CCSA launches new facility to meet demand for industry skills

Hanlie Turner, Business Development Manager of CCSA

Cement & Concrete SA (CCSA) has reacted to the increasing demand for skilled employees at all levels in the industry by launching a Vacancy Notice Board (VNB) on its website.

Hanlie Turner, Business Development Manager of CCSA, says the new facility lists details of available positions as a value-added service for members of CCSA and related industries.

“Any entity looking for staff in South Africa and neighbouring countries are invited to use the link to complete the fields with the required details for a position to be advertised on the CCSA VNB, in support of the South African built environment with reference to cement and concrete.

“Vacancies published on the VNB do not carry an endorsement from CCSA and are not a guarantee of employment. The onus will remain on candidates to apply directly to advertisers, and CCSA will not engage in any correspondence regarding the process. CCSA will also not facilitate any interaction nor influence outcomes between advertisers and job seekers,” Turner states.

“CCSA is not a recruiting agency, but the decision to develop the VNB was based on the growing number of calls our office receive from both individuals looking for new job opportunities and firms looking for candidates for cement and concrete-related vacancies.”

Turner says while the new CCSA VNB will address one part of the industry skills dilemma, the current situation also emphasises the need for individuals seeking employment, or career enhancement, to empower themselves with authoritative knowledge about concrete technology. In this regard, CCSA’s School of Concrete Technology has for several decades developed a resounding track record of presenting relevant courses to address the need to update or expand the knowledge of concrete at various levels of expertise.

“With unemployment on one side of the scale, and the desperate need for suitably qualified employees balancing the other side, CCSA is committed to provide a comprehensive portfolio of solutions towards building a sustainable future together,” Turner adds.

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